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Roswell Screen Caps


Riverdog-"You're afraid. Not of the healing. Your fear runs deeper. You fear for someone else, someone you care for a great deal. Take a step back. You cannot stop the flow."
Liz-" I'm sorry."

"I've always been the one who comes through in the time of crisis. I do what's necessary and I don't panic. But, seeing Michael so sick and having no way of knowing what was wrong or how to help....it made me scared. Scared that one day something could happen to Max and I wouldn't know how to help this person who means so much to me. Who means everything."

Max-"Is this a bad time?"
Liz-"No, it's not. Hi."
Max-"Just wanted to see how you were doing."
Liz-"I'm fine. Yeah, um...how's Michael?"
Max-"Same as ever."
Liz-"That's really good."

Max-"But, I'm not, Liz."
Liz-"What do you mean?"
Max-"I mean one day it will be me and I can't keep pretending that I'm...normal."
Liz-"Max,look....You know, I didn't....I didn't mean to have doubts.
I didn't mean to let you down in the cave."

Max-"I don't blame you. You had every right to feel that way because what you felt is true.....We don't belong together."
Liz-"Don't say that!"

Max-"The other night, you know, when we went out...and the whole day before...ever since we kissed...I've been off balance. You made me forget that anything else existed...
but that's not real."
Liz-"It is the only real thing I've ever felt."
Max-"Sometimes you have to take a step back to see what's really going on...maybe it's what we both need to do right now...find our balance again."

Liz-"You know, Max, I thought that....I thought that we'd found it."
Max-"You don't know how much I wish that could be true!"
Liz-"Max, how is it possible that I could...could be the happiest I've ever been in my entire life and now the saddest all at one time?"
Max-"I think that's what being in love is."
Liz-"Yeah, I think so too."