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Roswell Screen Caps


Max-"Are you okay?"
Liz-"Has this ever happened before? I mean, to you?"

Max-"You all right?"
Liz-"Uh, yeah,it...it's just kinda sad, you know? Thinking of being separated like that." Max-"You're wondering if it could happen to me, aren't you? If I could get sick like Michael?"
Liz-"No. ummmm" Max-"I've been thinking about it alot too....whether this is just our life cycle. And maybe this is how we die."
Liz-"Max,it's..it's....come on, it's not..."

Max-"I can understand if you have doubts..about us...I mean, second thoughts. Because committing to someone is hard enough without having to wonder...
if they're even gonna be here tomorrow."