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Ask Not

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Maria-"It is just a matter of time before you weaken."
Liz-"Thank you!"
Maria-"It's not a big-it's just a fact. You are in love with him. You can't live without him and you're gonna get back together with him."
Liz-"No, that's not true--I walked away....from him and her and the entire situation."
Maria-"Her! There is no HER !. Max doesn't care about Tess. He's never gonna care about her. The only thing he's interested in...............Oh God!.........Liz!"
Liz-"Maria, whatever you're about to say....just don't! Okay?"

Max-"It's not that I dislike you."
Tess-"I'm not human. Neither are you."
Max-"It's the only life I've ever known."
Tess-"That's not true. You lived another life, Max. A life completely different from this one. A life when you loved me."
Max-"I don't remember that!"
Tess-"I do."

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