Roswell Screen Caps


Liz-"Let's go look it up. Let's see.....Aries, it's the first sign of the zodiac, the key astronomical element in many ancient traditions involving, spring, the equinox, pagan ceremonies, and even Indian fertility rituals. But it's not quite the same V shape you described."
Max-"Try creating a constellation pattern for today's date."
Liz-"Oh what was it, you know, kissing her?" Max-"It was upsetting. It made me feel things about myself i didn't like. Like there was this whole side of me I never even knew about."
Liz-"The alien side."
Liz-"Oh wow, it's Venus. When it's in the right place in the sky. It completes the V shape. It started moving into this formation after the last full moon.
Max-"About the time that **** showed up."

Liz-"She has a 3.0 average form one school. 3,2 from...and....what? she has a 3.4."
Maria-"Ok, enough with the grade crap....any unusual evaluations? Like psych stuff?"
Liz-"My God, yeah. Here it is: she's really a shape-shifting alien also known as Nacedo."
Max-"You won't find anything wrong in that file. **** is the perfect teenaged girl. Nacedo covers his tracks.

Liz-"Do you really think she's using Kyle as bait? I mean, to get us to follow her here?"
Max-"It's the only thing that makes sense. Look, if this is a trap, I want you to get Kyle and get out of here."
Liz-"But Max, that's why I'm here. If **** tries any mind games, I'll be here to snap you out of it." Liz-"Okay, you go left, I'll go right."
Max-"Wait, Liz."
Liz-"You're the one she's after, remember?"
Liz-" What is it, Max?"
Max-"Something about us. She wanted me to see it. That's why she brought us here."

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