Roswell Screen Caps


Liz-"I knew you weren't really falling in love with her."
Max-"That's the truth Liz. You've got to believe that."
Liz-" I do. And now we know it's really Nacedo."
Max-"And whoever Nacedo really is, it's using Nacedo's body to get to me."
Liz-"Right. To manipulate you."
Max-"I can't control myself when I'm with her."

Liz-"She acted totally innocent. I'm telling you, she has no idea that we found out about her."
Max-"We can't trust anything she says."
Michael-"You just want to deny who we really are."
Max-"I want us to stay who we really are. Don't you? Could be anyone at any time."
Liz-"We can only trust each other, now more than ever."

Liz-"So that's it. Science Lab third period.,hallway between fourth and fifth, and P.E."
Max-"I think that's all."
Liz-"And there was no other contact? She didn't even look at you?"
Liz-"Are you still drawn to her, Max?"
Max-"I don't need a baby sitter."
Liz-"You know, Max, Maria's right. We don't know what she'll do to you
if she ever gets you alone."

Max-"I told you, you don't have to worry."
Liz-"I know, Max. I'm not saying any of this because I'm jealous.
It's just that....she's an alien, Max."
Max-"So am I."
Liz-"Yeah, but what if she's..."
Max-'The bad kind? One of the monsters people have been so afraid of since the crash?"
Liz-'I can't help it. You know, no matter how much I get to know you, Tess, Nacedo,
........they scare me, Max."
Max-"That's why we won't let her win."

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