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Roswell Screen Caps


The Caps will post larger than shown

Liz-"My mom always listened to Elvis Costello on laundry day. I am so scared."
Max-"What happened to your family.....to all the humans. It's our fault."
Liz-"We haven't lost them yet. We have to stay strong."

Max-"I should get back down."

Max-"Main Street looks clear. I just wish I knew where they were hiding."
Michael-"Do you think she'll be okay?"
Max-"I don't know. You and Courtney have gotten close?"
Max-"How does Maria feel about that?"
Michael-"Why do you care? You've never been interested in my social circles before."
Max-"And you were never sleeping with the enemy before."
Michael-"And I'm not now."
Max-"Then why was she at your apartment this morning?"
Michael-"Because she wanted to show me how the husks fit. That's it."

Maria-"Okay...so what did she mean by 'buying us some time'?"
Liz-"Don't worry about it. She said we slipped through a window. We'll be fine."
Liz-"Oh!" Maria-"RUN
! Go, go, go,go, go!"
Liz-"Careful, Sheriff. He's a skin! Oh, my........."

Sheriff-"We've got to get everybody to a safer location."
Max-"The UFO Center - it's a former bomb shelter. There are no windows and few ways in or out. After we get everyone situated, you, me, Michael, Isabel and Tess will start picking them off, one by one."
Kyle-"What about me?"
Max-"You're not someone I trust. Let's move."