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Roswell Screen Caps

We Are Family

Aired January 29, 2001

Maria-"Okay, stop hugging, Frieda. So - were the Swedish guys hot?"
Alex-"Well, you can decide that after you see my slides."
Maria annd Liz-"Ohhhh."
Liz-"I'm do excited."
Maria-"Oh, um, look..Max."
Maria-"He needs you."

Liz-"Max, how are you doing? I read about what happened. How's Isabel?"
Max-"We're fine. It's Valenti I'm worried about. Can't even get him on the phone."
Liz-"I'm sorry. This is really awful."

Max-"Um...I wasn't done."
Liz-"Oh, okay. It's late."
Max-"Did you study for history?"
Liz-"Uh, yeah. I was going to once my shift ended."
Max-"Can I have another coke?"
Liz-"Max, you've been here since 6."

Max-"I don't wanna go home. There's someone dangerous in our town, Liz. Someone who would do that to a defenseless person."
Liz-"That's why you're here - You're worried about me. Thank you."

Liz-"Okay. you know...my books are upstairs and there are 2 pieces of asteroid pie in the fridge. You can stay as long as you like."

Liz-"I just wish Kyle would understand where Max is coming from."
Alex-"Yeah, well, I guess some things don't change in a month."
Liz-"You know, on the other hand, Kyle has every right to be angry. This is complicated. Sorry."
Alex-"No problem."

Alex-"There was a twinkle."
Liz-"No, no. I can assure you there was NO twinkle."

Liz-"Oh My God !"
Alex-"Yeah, the Northern Lights. I can't describe it. Basically, what it is , is you're looking up there and you're actually seeing electrons from the sun colliding with our atmosphere in every color you could possibly imagine. It really makes you realize what a big world is out there. All these possibilities, all these new experiences. It's all just there waiting for us. You've really gotta travel, Liz. It's the most amazing thing."
Alex-"Right. When there's not so much going on."

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