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Roswell Screen Caps

Toy House

Max-"I just..I want you to know that it's okay...I mean.....you don't have to feel uncomfortable if you and Kyle get back together."
Max-"I saw you two together here at the Crashdown yesterday."
Liz-"Okay..um...Max, first of all, it like couldn't be further from what's happening...and secondly...if it was happening, I wouldn't need your permission,Max."

Max-"I'm getting out of here. Now you sound like Isabel>"
Liz-"Why do I sound like Isabel, Max?"
Max-"She's got a thing all of a sudden that I'm controlling."
Liz-"Oh, so it's her thing?"

Liz-"Max, just take a psych class, because you are controlling."
Max-" Hey, I am who I am ! I've got a lot going on and I'm trying to make things work."
Liz-"Max, you know what your problem is? You put everything on yourself. On your own shoulders. Maybe you should have some faith in the people around you."