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Roswell Screen Caps

Tess, Lies and Video tape

Max-"Michael, I'm worried."
Michael-"Haven't you ever had a fantasy before?"
Max-"This is different. It's out of my control. I can't stop it."
Michael-" We'll work it out."
Max-"Thanks for the compassion."
Michael-"Can you focus on what's important here, Maxwell?"
Max-"Forget about it ! Why did I think you'd be any help?"

Liz-"Okay, so what you're saying is that this is not only a romantic problem now, it's you know, intergalactic. Come on, Maria. Don't you get it? Max and I……..we're really……we're really happy together."

Liz-"So listen, you know that assignment we have for Bio lab?"
Liz-"It was kinda left a little unclear whether Mr. Seligman wanted you to be Tess' lab partner for the day or from now on."
Max-"I'm sure he didn't mean it."
Liz-"Because, if you're going to be her lab partner, I'm kinda stuck without a partner.
So, I need to know."
Max-'Well, I guess we'll just have to ask Mr. Steigman."
Liz-"Right. It's just that we used to have an even number of students and now that Tess is here, it's odd…..it's an odd number. So, someone is going to be stuck without a partner,
you know, mathematically."
Max-"Could we just stop talking about Tess?"

Liz-"What's going on, Max?"
Max-"I wanna talk."
Liz-"About what?"
Max-"Liz, about what Michael said before, about Tess. I just…I want you to know that I don't feel anything for her. I look at you, and I know you're the person I'm supposed to be with. I've always known it. What happened here that day, when you got shot, and how it brought us together……it's fate. Look at me! You're the one, Liz………the only one.
I could never be with anyone else."