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Roswell Screen Caps

Significant Others

Aired October 23, 2001

Liz-"I want to move out."
Max-"And then what?"
Liz-"Move in together? Don't you want to?"
Max-"I want to for the right reasons."
Liz-"How about being together? You know, we could just leave tonight and find someplace."

Max-"The cost's just too high."
Liz-"We'll get jobs."
Max-"Your family, Liz. It would destroy your mom and dad."
Liz-"They're destroying us."

Liz-"They are Max. Well, my father is, anyway. How am I supposed to help you find your child if I can't even be with you?"

Max-"You are with me....all the time...all the time."

Mom-"Jeff, you can't keep her under lock and key 24 hours a day."
Dad-"I don't know who she is anymore. It's like she's become a different person."
Mom-"She's not a little girl."
Dad-"I know that."
Mom-"Well, you've gotta stop treating......"
Dad-"I'm not treating her like a child."
Mom-"You're treating her like a criminal."
Dad-"She was just in jail."
Mom-"Is this about Liz or is this about you?"
Dad-"This is about keeping our daughter safe."
Mom-"Don't you get it? You're driving her away."

Michael-"Well, you can't just move in with her. You'd have to move out of state to avoid her father. Do you still have to cross a state line to be a kidnapper?"
Max-"I don't know?"
Michael-"Thought maybe armed robbery would be ahead in the syllabus."
Max-"Slow down."
Michael-"Am I speaking to fast?"
Max-"Me and Liz...calm things down a little....Turn down the heat."
Michael-"Back on the throttle. Sounds good."

Max-"I want to talk to your father. I want him to understand."
Liz-"I don't think he's interested in understanding anything right now."
Max-"Why, what happened?"
Liz-"I don't know. Well, last night when I came home, they were arguing about me. My father was just...I didn't know there was that side to him."
Max-"What side?"

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