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Roswell Screen Caps

Sexual Healing

Liz-"Ahh! Max, hold me!"

Max-"What was that about?"
Liz-"Uh, Max. I have to show you something. Max, you know the things I saw, The stars and everything? I didn't make them up. They're real. Max, I saw this. I saw it. Max, this afternoon….. I think I saw the crash."

Liz-" What are you doing here?"
Max-"I just..I wanted to see you."
Max-"I had to know if something was real."
Liz-"If what was real?
Max-"Well, just like you seeing things…I've seen things. And…one of those…things…."
Liz-"You saw my fantasy?"
Max-"I had to know if…if…what I saw was…really from you or if it was just my imagination, which…it definitely….definitely could've been. Except…I've never been in the girls' locker room. And now that I see it, and…wee, it….it is the same room….I know I didn't make it up."

Liz-" This is really horrible."
Max-"No, Liz. It's incredible, really."
Liz-"This is not incredible."
Max-"Wait.Please? Listen,please? The main thing is…I didn't just see what you saw. I felt what you felt when you saw me. And I never thought anyone could really…ever feel that way about me."
Liz-" Really?"

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