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Roswell Screen Caps


Eddie-"Who's this guy?"
Liz-"Oh, uh, he's my friend."
Eddie-"I invited you. Just you."
Liz-"Yeah, I know, but this is really important to both of us."
Liz-"Wait, you can't just leave."
Eddie-"Why not?"
Max-"Because I know this symbol. It means something to me."
Liz-"Please, it's important."

Liz-"Um,Eddie,how much....how much further is it?"
Eddie-"It's very close."
Liz-"Max, I don't think this is good idea anymore. We've been walking for too long."
Max-"Eddie, um...where exactly are you taking us?"
Eddie-"We're here."
Liz-"We're where?"
Eddie-"Good luck."
Liz-"No Eddie,Eddie. You can't ....you can't just leave us here."
Liz-"What are we gonna do?"
Max-"Friggin' Eddie!"
Liz-"I cannot believe this...No, Max, Max. Look!"

Liz-"Let me go!"
Max-"Liz...Liz, where are you?"
Max-"Let her go. Who are you?"
RiverDog-"You have passed the test."

RiverDog-"Wait, wait. You're NOT one of them."
RiverDog-"Make sure he deserves your trust."

Max-"Let's go."