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Screen Caps

Morning After

Liz-"Ok..I'm still confused. If you crashlanded in 1947,are you really 16 or are you like 52 in a 16 year old's body? Or do you guys age differently? I mean,is like 1 alien year equal to 3 human years?"
Max-"You've thought about this a lot, haven't you?"
Liz-"Kind of."
Max-"Well,we know we came out of the pods in 1989. We just don't know how long we were there. When we came out we looked like 6 year olds."
Liz-"So were you like green?"
Liz-"Before you took human form,were you three feet tall and green and slimey? You know,I'm very sorry for asking you that. It's Maria's question."
Max-"No, we just always looked like this. Except for the,uh,the third eye."

Liz-"Yeah,I knew you were kidding." [she shoves him] "You're such a jerk!"

Liz-"So,uh, you really have no idea where you're from, like what planet, or who your people are besides Michael and Isabel?"
Max-"No idea."
Liz-"Well, that must be kind of freeing in a way,"
Liz-"Um,well, just with me, you know,my parents own the Crashdown, so everyone in town knows who I am. Like, if I so much as get a haircut, everyone seems to notice and they have to give me their opinion on it. It kind of makes life claustrophobic. It's like you know, how am I ever supposed to become whoever it is that I'm gonna become while everyone is looking? You know? Sometimes i wish I could just be invisible."

Max-"Sometimes I wish I didn't have to be so invisible."