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Roswell Screen Caps


"It's December 2nd,1999. I'm Liz Parker, and this heat wave has made everyone crazy. Heatexpands,melts,makes things boil,sets things of fire. And seeing the effect of this heat all around me justpointed out in this really blatant way how my life wasn't expanding.... that I was stuck."

Liz-"It's kind of funny, isn't it? You know, how people have started pairing up and moving forward. Um...have you noticed anything strange about Michael lately?"
Max-"What do you mean?"
Liz-"Maybe just the way he acts around Maria. You know, have you observed any differences in his behavior at all?"
Max-"Are you saying there's something going on between Michael and Maria?"
Liz-"No, I'm not. I'm not saying that. Would it be bad if there were?"
Max-"Yes! I mean...I don't know."