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Roswell Screen Caps


Aired May 21, 2001
THE ALIENS SAY GOODBYE IN THEIR FINAL HOURS ON EARTH Max (Jason Behr), Isabel (Katherine Heigl), Michael (Brendan Fehr) and Tess (Emilie de Ravin) struggle with goodbyes on what they believe to be their last night on Earth before they travel back to their home planet. In the final hours, Max frantically searches for the killer that is still out there and threatens the lives of everyone they love.

Max-"Can we talk upstairs? Please?

Max-"You were right....about Alex. He was killed by an alien. I prayed that wasn't the case, but it was. We're responsible."
Liz-"I never blamed you, Max. I never blamed any of you."
Max-"I know. I know you didn't."
Liz-"I NEVER wanted to lose you."
Max-"Me either. Liz, I need all the information you have on Leanna."

Max-"I have to take care of the situation."
Liz-"Well, take care of it how? Well, I'm coming with you."
Liz-"I started this. I'm seeing this through to the end. She killed Alex."

Liz-"What are you gonna do?"
Max-"I'm gonna send a bolt of energy through that heater. It will explode. A fire will start - fast. Too fast for her to react."
Liz-"What about the other dorm rooms? The other students?"
Max-"I can contain the fire with my powers long enough for everyone else to get out of the building."
Liz-"Max, this isn't like you. It's not planned out."
Leanna-"Ow !"
Max-"Liz, I have to do this now."

Liz-"Max, this doesn't seem right."
Max-"Go to the jeep. You don't have to be a part of this."

Liz-"It doesn't feel right."
[Max starts to zap the heater]
[ Liz remembers the blood]
Liz-"MAX !!"
[Liz runs in and gets Leanna]

Max-"What the hell's going on?"
Liz-"That girl's not an alien. She can't be the killer."