Roswell Screen Caps


Michael-"So, now she says what we've got isn't good enough. She wants more."
Max-"You mean like....."
Michael-"No. If that's what she wanted, would I be here talking to you? She wants the romance thing. The thing that you and Liz got."
Max-"Is that what you want?"
Michael-"I just want to make her happy. And you're gonna tell me how to do it."
Max-"It's not there's a handbook,"
Michael-"I'm serious, Max. Things are getting frosty. She went to the French Club meeting today instead of meeting me in the eraser room...what the hell is that?"
Max-"All right...........romantic. When you're with her,
act like she's the only girl in the room."
Michael-"She's usually the only other person in the room."
Max-"That's a good start. Um, try taking her out.........someplace nice. And, uh....surprises.......they love surprises. Like, you know, little things, like a not in her locker, or a flower in the middle of the day."

Max-"What's wrong?"
Liz-"Um, Max.......I saw Topolsky last night."
Max-"You met her?"
Liz-"No. I thought that I was meeting you."

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