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Roswell Screen Caps

285 South

Max-"Liz, I'm sorry."
Liz-"Yeah. We're gonna get through somehow."
Max-"I don't mean about the roadblock. I mean about everything. From Michael taking Maria... for Isabel being so...Isabel. We're not all the same, you know."
Liz-"Yeah. I've known that for a really long time. I'm sorry, too, Max. You know, for Kyle and...how my stupid, boring life could possibly get you guys into trouble."
Max-"First of all, nothing about you is stupid. And secondly...it feels like...my life didn't even start until I told you the truth that day."

Liz-"Yeah. I know what you mean, Max....."
Liz - 'I know we agreed, not to feel a certain way about each other...'
Max - 'Yeah...'
Liz-"Do you still think that's a good idea?"
[Max reaches towards Liz but then mends a hole in the jeep roof]
Max-"Just wanted to keep you warm."