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TheDDD presents

Barbie Roswell Theatre!

Written, filmed and directed by MARIAB!

This season Roswell has been up against some serious competition in their timeslot. Of course we all know that the bigger problem is their really bad storyline. Wouldn't it be great if Roswell contained some of the best elements of the well written competing shows and also focused on the characters we love so much? Well your wish has been granted….

Barbie Roswell Theater presents….
"24 Hours with Max and Liz"

8:00 AM - Max is outside finishing up some late season yard work.

10:00 AM - The weather has been unusually mild for this season. Almost like a heatwave (and we all know what happens during heatwaves in Roswell!!!) All this hard work is making Max a little hot. Maybe he should take off his shirt????

10:30 AM - Liz is checking out some flowers growing in her back yard. Wonder why they are still blooming this late in the season? Maybe that special fertilizer with the green colored rocks was doing the trick. She made a mental note to pick up more the next time she drove into Smallville.

Suddenly, Liz is grabbed from behind. Is it someone who found out she is dating an alien?….Or maybe it's a mutant plant creature that is trying to steal her special green fertilizer? Oh no! Will she be kidnapped and taken way?

Whew!!!….Rest assured, it is only Max.

11:00 AM - Since it is such a nice day, Max and Liz decide to go out for a ride in Bob.

12:00 PM - Max and Liz stop to enjoy a romantic picnic lunch.

Max is still feeling a little warm so he decides to take off his shirt. What is this that we see? Is Max really Superman in disguise?

Oh no, Max just thought his new Superman underoos would really impress Liz. Liz, however, thinks he looks a lot better without them.

We tend to agree with Liz too.

2:00 PM - Max spends some time on his laptop. His faithful dog companion Eddie is at his side. Max enjoys spending his spare time searching the internet to help in his special quest. What is this quest you ask? Why, it is his quest to find new ways to use his special powers to support truth, justice, and the American way. Whatever else could it be? Oh, well he does have one other quest……

….To find the perfect gift for Liz of course!

Hmmm….Eddie has a few ideas that might help Max.

5:00 PM - Max picks up Liz for their evening out on the town.

Max always makes sure he looks his best for Liz. Doesn't he look great in his new leather jacket and corduroy khaki pants?

And of course Liz always makes sure she looks great for Max too.

Max gives Liz her first gifts for the evening, some flowers, candy, and tickets to a show. Max is just so generous!

7:00 PM - After enjoying a wonderful dinner at Senor Chow's, Max and Liz head for the theater. Although the show is wonderful, Max and Liz only have eyes for each other. Awwww……

10:00 PM - Max brings Liz home, but he has one final gift to give her.

It's a new puppy! Yes, now Liz has a special new friend, and Eddie is happy too!

Liz thanks Max for an absolutely wonderful day!

11:00 PM to 8:00 AM - Max and Liz spend the remainder of their 24 hours as only they know best.

Always remember that in our mind, our heart, and in a far off place called BRT, true love reigns supreme as it was always meant to be. Hope you all have a wonderful happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year!

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