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A NEW Video by Irish Queen
August 15, 2002!
I Remember

Videos by Dreamer4ever(Jennifer)

NEW! July 29, 2002!
Dreamer Kisses!(All of them!)
We Haven't Turned Around by Gomez

The top 10 Dreamer Moments of Season 2
Voted by You!

Liz - the Many Moods of Her Magnificent Beauty !
Sick Cycle Carousel by Lifehouse

Max in all his Beautiful Glory!
Irresistable by Jessica Simpson
Season 1 Promo
Here With Me by Dido
by JenniferDreamer4ever!
song by DJSammy!
A Season 3 Tribute
We Shall Believe
by Cheryl Crowe
Nollarbor Song
by Kasey Chambers
A Tribute to Baby Zan
by Lifehouse
You Don't Know What It's Like
Version 2!added 5/20/02

by Econoline Crash