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I just wanted to keep you warm!

a Poem Collection by

Canton Guy

A Vision

Today I had a vision
Of you and me
We were married and in love
And oh so happy

It was our wedding day
I felt so much love
To kiss you again
Is all I can think of

It made me think
How much I've missed you
It made me feel
Our love so true

In my vision of us
You were beautiful in white
You looked at me with love
It was perfect, it was right

Why are we apart?
It's just wrong
You should be in my arms
Where you belong

Oh my love, can't you see?
I need you so much
Come back to me
I need to feel your touch.

Right Here Waiting

I can't hold you back
You should travel and grow
There is so much for you
Even though I can't go

There are so many things
That you should see
Even though it means
You have to leave me

Roswell, New Mexico
Is where I must stay
But, I don't want that
To stand in your way

I want you to see the world
Though it will break my heart
Not to have you with me
For us to be apart

Wherever you go, just
know you have my heart
No matter the distance
Or time we are apart

After you travel and
see what there is to see
I want you to come back
Back home to me

As the song goes...

"No matter where you go
Or what you do
I'll be right here
Waiting for you"

Hope For A New Year

In the New Year
I hope I will see
Max & Liz together
And finally happy

I hope they no longer
Will be haunted by the past
And instead can enjoy
The present at last.

Visitors from the future
Should leave them alone
The more they are apart
The more I groan

Their love is magical
Yet we only see
Them being forced apart
And fighting destiny

They belong together
I cry and I lament
I want to see passionate kisses
And pouring of Cement

So in the New Year
I want to have some fun
And I hope the show is more
Like it was in Season One.

by Canton Guy


To be without you
Is pure torment
You hold my heart
In my dreams we cement

I tell you with my words
I know we were meant
That only with you
Would I want to cement

I pull you close
I love your scent
Even as we kiss
We mix the cement

As I touch you
You know my intent
I want you to help me
Pour the cement

I look in your eyes
Hoping for your consent
That you also want
To stir the cement

I want to love you
Until I am spent
We'll know true bliss
When we lay the cement

We move as one
Our hearts are content
Our souls intermingle
As we smooth the cement

'Why did we wait?'
We both lament
As we lay there in bliss
We swam in cement.

Under The Mistletoe

Under the Mistletoe
I'm waiting for you
I need to feel your kiss
Do you need to feel mine too?

You meet my gaze
And you flash me a smile
Our lips have been lonely
We haven't kissed in a while

As you move towards me
Your eyes begin to shine
The way you look at me
Sends tingles down my spine

You look in my eyes
And I feel so much
How I've missed you
Your kiss, your touch

We share a kiss
So full of love
To have you in my arms again
Is what I've dreamed of

You tell me "I love you"
But I already know
I feel it in my heart
Under the Mistletoe.

I'll Wait

The only truth I know
Is our love will not abate
The words you say are lies
For the truth, I'll wait

I'm so lonely without you
I thought we were fate
You're everything I want
For you, I'll wait

I'm feeling so much pain
"I need you" I state
Only you can heal me
For your touch, I'll wait

Your love makes me whole
You're my soul mate
Without you I'm lost
For your love, I'll wait

I'll love you forever
No one else will I relate
You'll always be in my heart
Forever, I'll wait

For you.

Don't You Love Me?

I walked to your window
He was in your bed
I can't believe it
I'm going out of my head

What happened to us?
I thought I owned your heart
But what I saw
Is tearing me apart

I feel our connection
Yet you push me away
Why are you doing this?
Why did you betray?

She wants to comfort me
But, she'll never be you
You're my dreamgirl
I thought you knew

I'll never love another
Can't you see
My heart is breaking
Don't you love me?

Here is a poem about the ring that Liz is wearing.

I Wear This Ring

I wear this ring
As your wife
In a different world
In a different life

I love you so much
Yet I push you away
The pain in your eyes
Hurts me every day

It hurts so bad
I'm broken in two
Hiding the truth
Lying to you

I deceived you
To keep you away
To save the world
My happiness I must pay

It takes all my strength
To lie to you
To hide my feelings
Of love so true

I Shall Believe
Our love is a special thing
For the rest of my life
I wear this ring.

This poem is a Liz POV. Its a sad one.

The Hurt

Oh my God
I hurt so much
Is it truly my fate
To never feel your touch?

You came from the future
To ask for my aid
To destroy our love
And make tomorrow unmade

You told me of happiness
With you in my life
Our love so profound
I was your wife

I broke your heart
To push you to her
And make you forget
The way we were

We shared a dance
That will never be
Talked of things
That are now history

After you disappeared
The pain began
It hurts so much
To lose you again

You will never know
What I had to do
I betrayed my own heart
Because, I love you.


I Miss You

I miss your lips
The way they would touch
My lips, my heart, my soul
I miss you so much

I miss your smile
It would light up a room
Now things seem darker
Save me from this gloom

I miss your touch
Your fingers on my skin
I never felt so alive
Oh how long it has been

I miss your laugh
It's music to my ears
Without your sweet melody
All I have are tears

I miss you so much
Without you I'm not whole
Don't you know by now
You're half of my soul

I'm Coming For You

I'm coming for you
With my heart in my hand
Asking you to love
This lonely man

I'm not going to forget
Or get over you
You can see in my eyes
That my love is true

My pre-destined mate
Is from a former life
Only you Liz Parker
I want to be my wife

So you can try to avoid me
Or say that we're through
But you'll never outrun
My love and passion for you

Thanks everyone for the support of my first poem. You have inspired me to write another.

Why Can't I Be Strong? Why can't I be strong?
I walked away from you
I was so wrong

Why can't I be strong?
I crave your touch, your lips
Is that so wrong?

Why can't I be strong?
To you destiny
I know you belong > Why can't I be strong?
"But, you mean everything to me"
Sings to me like a song

Why can't I be strong?
I need you to hold me
It's been so long...

Why can't I be strong?
I can't stay away
I'll see you erelong

Why can't I be strong?
I'm coming home to you
You make me strong.

End of Entry

Save the World

How do I save the world
We are just four
Our enemies I don't know
But I can't ignore

How do I become a leader
I don't know how
Everyone looks to me for answers
What do we do now

How do I protect
All my friends from harm
How do we live a life
Free from alarm

How do I make her see
The truth in our heart
I need her strength, her spirit
I can't stand to be apart

How do I bear this burden
How do I win
Liz, I need you so much
Please love me again

A poem from Max to Liz

When you walked away
You broke my heart that day
I know I should be strong
But without you I can't go on

I could never hate you
Cause all I feel is love
You are like an angel
Sent from heaven above

Without you in my life
I've lost a part of me
Without your strength to fight
How do I face my destiny?

So baby don't you see
That you need to come back to me
Because now I'm the one dying
And I need you to heal me.

End of Entry