What is a Dreamgirl/Guy?

From Citygirl one of our founders.... The Dreamgirls are filled with a wide variety of Roswell fans. While we are all very different, we all agree that there is certain magical quality to Jason Behr and the way he portrays Max Evans. We can't pinpoint if it's those amazingly glorious eyes of his, that adorably crooked smile, his friendly laid back attitude with the press, or his obvious love for his friends and family that most attract us to him. One thing is for sure, the Dreamgirls are most appreciative of all of Jason's dreamy attributes! Some of us have been fans of Jason's since seeing him appear in guest shots of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dawson's Creek, while others fell in love with him the moment Max Evans risked everything to save Liz Parker's life. One thing is clear however, we are fans for life! We have been fortunate enough to have a few Dreamguys join the party. While they are not admiring Jason the way the rest of us Dreamgirls are, they are huge fans of his acting abilities, and enjoy watching him almost as much as we do! They are awesome guys who are willing to put up with our craziness, and are the first to jump in and join in the fun! We love the Dreamguys!

The Dreamgirls and guys are also in love with the love story between Max and Liz. Never before has a love story captivated us the way these two do. They look into one another's eyes, share a sweet touch, or a breathtaking kiss and we are lost! Jason and Shiri share a magical chemistry that compares to no other. We have often joked that we could watch them watch paint dry together and still be excited! There is no question that Max Evans and Liz Parker are soul mates. After counting the days until they were together again, we were ecstatic over their recent reunion. We have all heard there may be some upcoming roadblocks in Max and Liz's path to happily ever after. While this was terribly upsetting to us at first, we have since regrouped and have put our faith in the wonderful writers of Roswell to keep this love story intact. It is after all, one of the aspects of the show that hooked so many of your devoted fans. We also know that nothing can keep true love apart.