Love Letters by Sandman

Volume 2

Dear Liz~

I think back to when I told you
how it would not be safe,
you know, for us to be together
and how we should hesitate!

We stood upon the hill back then,
as I brushed away your hair,
so I could gaze upon your lovely face
and into those beautiful eyes I stared!

I couldn't believe I was saying that
even though I knew I was-
I tried to be so convincing then
as it was for such a noble cause.

My thoughts of you getting hurt
by our love if we persued-
made me oh! ever so careful,
but somehow I misconstrued.

For I thought that I was protecting you
from something to me yet unclear-
To see you hurt by my inability
to care for you was my truest fear!

But after seeing you today
after what seems so long a time-
what surprises me the most is,
it appears that you're doing fine!

I'm the one who crashed and burned
from the times that we once had-
I really can't refrain from feeling,
that I'm the one who's doing bad!

To see you again was what I wanted most,
and most of all to see you well-
At first glance I felt the magic,
but as far as I could tell-

you seemed to be so distant,
defensive is more the word-
your reception seemed rather chilling
and my eyes seemed to be blurred,

from holding back the tears
I felt welling up inside-
the only thing that stopped them,
was my foolish manly pride!

When I touched you again, it all came back,
those moments that we once shared-
and once again I felt the urge,
to brush away your hair!

and stare once more at that face so fair,
into those starry bright brown eyes-
but you belong to me no more-
and I feel something inside me die!

The way it looks right now Liz,
my cards are poorly stacked-
And it's going to take some time
but I swear I'll win you back!

I'm going to have to prove to you
that with only you I want to be-
and the words I spoke to you are true,
you're everything to me!



I know that when you left that day,
you thought I didn't see!
The tears you shed as you walked away,
those tears that were over me!

I saw my darling, rest assured,
for you weren't fooling me!
to turn back time to where our love was not
would take an eternity!

I know you know that for a fact
our love will never end!
we are one in all of life
so don't try to pretend-

that it matters not anymore,
for you know that it's not true-
I may not be of this earth,
but I was made for you!

You cannot speak of destiny,
without including you and me-
I wasn't fooled by what you did
my darling can't you see-

I know what you did last summer,
when you walked away you see-
You gave up all your happiness
when you thought you set me free!

But freedom is not what I'm feeling,
Oh my darling Liz it's true-
Freedom won't be mine until
I've come back for you!!!



I hope that they don’t lurk in here
and feed on all of our posts!
Then turn around and deprive us all,
of what we want the most!

We write and talk about their love,
how sweet and pure and true-
while they concoct scenarios,
to create anxiety for me and you!

They seem to get great pleasure,
in keeping them apart-
and all the while they know that
they are playing with our hearts!

How sweet and cruel, the natures
of the ones who write the scripts-
to tease us with the romance,
then let the couples slip-

back to indecisiveness,
should they stop, or should they go?
and all the while knowing,
that’s why we watch the show!

Oh! You mean and wicked writers,
how you love to lead us on-
with those beautiful and passionate moments,
then suddenly they are gone!

We’re left to hang upon the brink,
of a deep and dark abyss-
longing for the next time,
that our loving couples kiss!

You know exactly what you’re doing,
by keeping them apart-
we hang on with baited breath,
while you play games with all our hearts!

Oh! You wonderful, nasty people,
What are we to do with you?
If you weren’t such damn good writers,
We’d probably all be watching “Drew”



Summertime is over now,
and winter is around the bend-
and soon I'll be joining up
with all my school friends.

They'll talk about their summer fun
while I sit and reminisce-
about my dearly beloved
whom I truly miss!

They'll talk about the fun they had,
and how fast the summer flew-
I'll think about how empty my days were,
and how much I longed for you!

I sit upon my balcony,
as the evenings are still warm-
and gaze up at the universe,
while the stars begin to form-

that beautiful formation,
I so much long to see-
but missing is our Venus,
I wonder where she can be?

She's somewhere out in the darkness,
where she tends to often roam-
I wonder if the others miss her,
and want her to come home?

They needn't really worry tho'
for she'll be back again-
because, there with them is where her home is
it has been so since time began!

We have a lot in common,
that purple star and me-
so much we need to be a part,
of a special unity.

Oh my beautiful Venus,
you enchanting purple star,
your home awaits you overhead,
I wonder where you are?

Come, your destiny is waiting,
that special place saved just for you-
the formation will remain incomplete
until the day you do!

What will all the others do
without your poise and grace?
there isn't any other star,
qualified to take your place!

You can't exist forever
with your independent ways-
you long to be among the rest
though it's difficult to stay-

How long you'll stay this time,
no one really knows-
As long as you see fit
I only can suppose!

For there will come a time again
when you'll feel that wanderlust
then once again, we'll find you gone
to be all alone, I trust!


Once again the morning finds me laying here,
after another sleepless night-
wondering where life has taken you,
and if you are all right.

I hope that you are handling this
much better than I can-
For I haven't had much peace of mind,
since that day I turned and ran.

At the time I felt that what I did,
was the right thing for me to do-
But now in retrospect I find,
that what I'm going through-

is much more than I expected
and so awful hard to bear-
I visualize me running,
and you still standing there.

Bewildered at my leaving you,
like it mattered not to me-
but the tears I shed my darling,
I just couldn't let you see.

I think now of how long I waited,
for my true love to come along-
How many times I hesitated-
when the lesser sang it's song-

because my heart can only hold a place
for a love precious, pure, and true-
A place held in anticipation,
my darling for what I found in you!

What will now become of us?
Will true love now prevail?
Will fate now take control of this
and release me from this jail.

Or am I destined now to spend my life,
in a hopeless lonely state?
will a higher power take the helm
of this Juliet life I helped create?

So young and hopelessly in love,
with one whom with I'm not suppose to be!
like two ships passing in the night,
bound for a port of endless misery!

We set sail into unknown waters
while the tide was high-
now we flounder on an endless sea,
while the distant shore lays nigh.

They say that love can conquer all
you have only to believe!
well at one time I had undaunted faith
but now all I do is grieve!

This hopeless state I find me in,
I have to change some way-
There's got to be an answer
There's got to be a way-

To turn these "ships" of ours around,
somehow start it all anew-
For I'll never be the same again,
until I've "sailed" once more back to you!


The Price

I keep her picture in my shirt pocket
right beside my heart-
This gives to me the feeling,
that we're not so far apart.

I keep the thoughts of holding her
ever present in my mind-
for her tender kiss and precious smile,
are the things that I most find-

to be my compass on this stormy sea
of heartache and despair-
that fate has cast me into,
without a clue of when or where-

I'll be seeing her and home again,
will it be soon- or long from now?
Do I keep my hopes and faith for naught?
Or will this all work out somehow?

Can this interstellar conflict-
possibly be worth-
the sacrifice I 'm forced to make-
here on planet Earth?

Just what could be my purpose here-
if not for the love of her?
My life could be so simple,
oh! if it only were.

No quest can possibly worth it,
I really have to say-
If losing this precious love of hers,
is the price I'll have to pay!!




~ by ~Liz~

As summer surrenders to the fall,
and the leaves to amber turn-
I wonder if in his memory,
the thought of me still burns.

as though they have been branded there
emblazoned as if by fire-
I wonder if just seeing me again,
is his single most desire.

Does he lie in bed at night,
in a hopeless wakened state?
staring at the ceiling,
and wondering of our fate?

Is every single minute lived,
painful to his heart?
does anything still matter now,
but that we are apart?

To share something so meaningful,
and then to have it end-
is more than painful to this young heart,
It's a wound impossible to mend.

I'm sure he's feeling this way too!
I shouldn't have a doubt-
right now he's trying to find a way,
to make this all work out.

I must have faith in him I know,
but it's so hard you see-
My mind gets blurred from the lack of him,
being close to me.

Those times that we made solemn vows,
to never be apart-
often come to haunt me now,
and taunt my aching heart!


written by sandman........M+L=R


As I walked into the cafe today,
just as I do every day-
There kneeling down upon the floor,
was my darling Liz whom I adore!

Picking up the fruit she spilled,
her essence alone my heart it filled-
Kneeling beside her, I touched her hand,
and no longer then could I pretend.

I tried to hold back with all of my might,
this sudden urge to hold her tight-
but no longer my feelings could be denied,
so all in vain my effort died.

I pulled her into my embrace,
gazed upon that pretty face-
melted into a warm abyss,
as her tender pouting lips I kissed!

They were sweeter than the fruit she'd spilled,
and oh how much my heart was filled-
with thoughts of never letting go,
of this woman- girl whom I cherish so!

My life was hers from that moment on,
with all my fears of loneliness gone-
for I'd never ever want to be apart,
from that gentle girl with the tender heart.

Every moment of the day, and far into the night,
we'd somehow always find a way to hold each other tight.
And when we kiss we see strange things,
like distant galaxies, and planets with rings.

From this supernatural phenomenon
we created a bond as though' we were one-
Than one day to me she did concur,
she could feel a strange object calling to her.

She led me to the desert floor
where somehow I felt I'd been before-
we dug up an object from beneath the sand
that glowed when we held it in our hands.

This orb, I felt, was connected to me,
but for her to find it, how could this be?
She's just a girl with whom I'm in love,
sent to me from the one -or someone above.

This role she's playing in finding my true identity,
seems so very strange to even me!
Just how could this knowledge of to me such great worth-
emanate so strongly from one born of earth?

And this need that I feel to keep her so near,
Is more than just love I'm beginning to fear-
She sees things so clearly, and my instincts I so trust,
I ask myself,"Is it possible- - - - - could she be one of US????



If You only knew

Whatever you may ask of me,
to you I would freely give-
My heart, my soul I share with you,
it's for you alone I live!

I lust not for gains of fortune!
Nor do I seek and search for fame
my one life long ambition is
to share with you my name!

I know that someday this dream we have
will finally come true!
because my one and only destiny,
is just to share my life with you!

There could never be another soul
to fill my pain filled empty heart-
left by the mate that God had sent
and then caused us by fate to part!

I guess I'm not meant to understand,
the way true humans do-
for only part of the me I am
comprehends the fate I've been destined to.

Confusion fills my thoughts I fear,
for when I came to you that day-
I thought that my purpose in life was fulfilled,
and you were in my life to stay!

All of those years I looked after you,
and kept myself restrained-
So many times I watched over you,
but in the shadows I remained-

You never saw me there,
tho' many times I'd want you to-
so much love I kept inside of me,
to share with only you!

Then that fatal day it happened,
by no accident I was there-
for although you never knew it,
I went with you everywhere!

And the only life I care to have,
is with you! Is that so wrong?
I was blessed by God for just knowing you
and now I look and you are gone!

If there is any justice in this world,
I will get to share my endless love with you-
I've been saving it up for all of these years,
God! Liz-- - - If you only knew!!!!

I love you! ~Max~ sandman.……..

"Oh Max! I Knew!"

I always knew that there was someone there,
I could feel it in my heart-
A special soul, meant just for me,
I guess I knew it from the start!

Through your shy and lonely soulful eyes,
You watched from a distant place-
I always felt your presence there,
but I could never see a face!

There is a part of you, you couldn't hide,
for it's not possible to conceal-
the special "signal" a soulmate sends,
that only the other heart can feel!

You couldn't hide that from me Max,
not in a million years!
for I'm the other half of you,
I never even felt the fear-

Of missing the chance of finding you,
or of you finding me-
I needed only to find the patience,
to await our destiny!

At that time and place we were just to young
to understand what all this meant,
how could we at that time have known
that this love of ours was heaven sent?

And on that "fatal" day of which you speak,
It was less than a surprise to me-
that you my darling by the grace of God,
would somehow be there to care for me!

Max, This love I have for you alone,
surely cannot be denied-
for when I walked away from you that day,
something inside of me died!

But what died isn't what I feel for you,
by not saying that I would be remiss,
for my feelings haven't changed at all,
with that single goodbye kiss!

But always when you love someone,
the way that I love you-
For what's best for them you give of yourself,
And that's what I had to do!

But to ask me" if I only knew",
my darling please refrain,
for I don't expect glory for what I've done,
mostly just heartache and pain-

So darling if you're asking me
If how much you love me I ever knew?
Look deep into your own heart my soulmate,
the answer is waiting there for you!

I LOVE YOU- -TOoo! ~Liz~

"Where's Venus"- "Where's Liz"

As I gaze up at the universe,
I'm distressed at what I see-
Venus, the star I love the most,
Isn't where she's supposed to be!

She's wandered off to be alone,
she has left her special place-
The formation now is incomplete!
It lacks her poise and grace.

The night sky that I've come to love,
well,it's meaning now is nil-
It will never be the same again,
it can't possibly be until-

Our lady of love is home again,
to that place reserved for only she-
I trust that she will soon return,
to where she is most supposed to be!

I now gaze at the place along side of me,
I'm distressed at what I see-
My soulmate whom I love the most,
isn't standing here with me!

She's wandered off to be alone,
She thinks that it's best for me-
My life, my heart are now incomplete,
they lack tranquillity.

The life that I had come to love,
has no meaning now for me-
Until she's back where she belongs,
she must know me well enough to see-

that she must soon come home again,
to the place reserved for only she-
the empty spot within my heart,
where she is meant to be!!

~Max~ written by sandman.....