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Roswell Screen Caps

To Serve and Protect

Liz-"Okay. We have the Saturn rings and a Galaxy sub...hold the Max."
Maria-"Okay. What just happened?"
Liz-"I.....need help. I'm sick. Okay? I am an obsessed person."
Maria-"Okay, is this a general freakout or should I be concerned?"
Liz-"I have Max on my brain 24 hours a day. Okay. I dream about him. I think, I think about him and now, now I'm saying his friggin' name without even realizing it. What am I gonna do?"
Maria-"You're in love. That's all."
Liz-"I know but it's not getting me anywhere."
Maria-"Okay. Relax. Relax. Liz, it's not that bad, I promise."
Liz-"Not that bad? Really, uh, look at this. See? Obsession, obsession, obsession, obsession."
Maria-"Okay. Okay. You're a Max-a-holic. I'm here for you. What can I do?"
Liz-"Get me a life!"

Max-"So, I don't understand this. You've never been wrong about this in the past and we've always gone with your judgment."
Isabel-"I don't understand it either, Max. It isn't something that I planned."
Max-"How could this happen?"
Isabel-"I don't know."
Max-"Valenti might be losing his job because of us. Have you thought about that?"
Isabel-"Of course I have but what was I supposed to do? Just let her die?"
Max-"There IS no missing girl...all right. Your dreams were wrong. YOU were wrong."
Isabel-"Don't you think I know that? Maybe a part of me just needed her to be missing."
Max-"What do you mean?"
Isabel-"After everything we've been through. After all the pain we've caused, I just wanted what we are, what I am, to do something good for a change."
Max-"Isabel. You - are my sister. You yell at me. You second guess me and you piss me off. You also saved my life. I don't care what we've been through, I still believe in you. I always will. Now, get some sleep. You look -- really bad."

Max-"Isabel, hurry!"
Jim-"Max, I see the shooter!"
Max-"I can't keep this up!"
Isabel-"I almost have it!---I've got it!"
Jim-"Do you see him?"
Jim-"Ready? Go!!"