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Roswell Screen Caps

Meet the Dupes

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Maria-"Okay...let me get this straight. Okay, so Duplicate Michael kissed you and you just decided not to tell me this very pertinent fact?"
Liz-"No, I wanted to tell you. I just...I couldn't...."
Maria-"It's okay. It's just Michael - slipping you the tongue. There's nothing unusual about that."
Liz-"Maria, it's NOT Michael."
Maria-"But you didn't know that then ,Liz."
Liz-"Can you get over it! I'm sorry. Look, can I just...Can I just talk to you for one second?
Okay...This thing kind of happened with Kyle but it didn't really happen and I can't tell Max what I didn't do. But I can't tell you what I didn't do either, so don't ask me to explain it, okay? But, the point is...I just feel really stupid being here."
Maria-"Do you realize that what you just said made absolutely no sense?"

Max-"What are you doing here?"
Lani-"I had to see you."
Max-"It's dangerous."
Lani-"I need to get something out. Something I never got to say to Zan and now,it's too late. I was thinking how if I tell you, I can get it out of my head, you know?"
Max-"What is it?"
Lani-"I wanted to apologize."
Max-"For what?"
Lani-"For betraying you. Max, have you ever been so crazy in love you'd do just about anything? Back on our planet, Villandra...me....Isabel. this person we used to be. We had it bad for a man named Kivar. We sold you out, man. We're the one with blood on our hands. We're the one who got everyone killed. Villanda was the 'Benedict Arnold'."
Max-"But you're not Villandra.....and neither is Isabel."
Lani-"Not technically..no. But she's like this demon I carry around inside of me. We both do, Isabel and I. She told me so that night we met." Max-"Isabel would never betray me!"
Lani-"Of course not. Just like I would never have shafted Zan. I'm glad she's come cleanwith you about this. You're lucky to have a sister you're so tight with. You know..I wish Zan and I had been that tight."

Max-"You lied to me about Villandra."
Lani-"I don't know...."
Max-"SHUT UP!" She betrayed me and Michael and Tess and our mother....our whole planet."
Lani-"Who told you this? Did she tell you this?"
Max-"She cared enough to apologize to me. I had to hear it from a stranger. And yet, my own sister..."
Lani-"Alright...Max! Fine! Fine! Now you know. I was sick of keeping it a secret…sick of worrying about disappointing you. The great king!"
Max-"I trusted you."
Lani-"I didn't do anything. I didn't do anything and I'm not gonna stand here and be accused of something someone else did in another lifetime. Something irrelevant."
Max-"If it was so irrelevant then why didn't you tell me?"
Lani-"Because I have my own life and I can't live it when I'm busy trying to prove myself to you all the time, trying to prove I won't betray you. It is exhausting living with that."
Max-"I never asked you to prove yourself."
Lani-"Yes you did. You treat everybody like they're your property.
I don't belong to you, Max. I never did."
Max-"I feel like I don't even know you."
Lani-"How could you? All you care about is yourself...and Liz Parker,of course. Maybe you're finally getting what you deserve. Finally looking in the mirror and seeing what you really are and you are no king. You are a self-centered, self-indulgent little boy."
Rath-"Hey, what are you doing?"
Max-"I'm going to New York."
Rath-"That is an amazingly bad idea, Max."
Max-"If you think it's bad then I know it's the right thing to do."