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Roswell Screen Caps

How the Other Half Lives

Aired February 19, 2001

Max-"His final words were to get off the planet."
Isabel-"Which currently aren't options."
Liz-"Which is why we called this meeting...to figure out what our options are."

Liz-"Um, I think he was speaking more globally."
Max-"Hey Brody. How are you feeling?"
Larek-"It's Larek. And although I've had a little more time to prepare this body for communication, I'm still having trouble keeping its heart beating. So, I'll get right to it. The Gandarium are a genetically engineered life form designed to bridge the DNA and RNA resequencing during third stage amino acid synthesis."

Liz-"No,um, I'm lost too. Uh, it's way over our heads. Do you mind explaining it to us in simpler terms?"
Larek-"All right. Uh...Let's say you want to create an alien/human hybrid. First, you get some alien cells, then you get some human cells. Normally, they don't mix very well. You need something to help bridge the differences. That's where the Gandarium come in. In a controlled environment, like on your ship, they're harmless. But, released into an ecosystem, the Gandarium will perform the only role they know; infect human cells."
Isabel-"But, they're not infecting just any human cells."
Larek-"Not every human is a candidate for hybridization. Their genetic structure has to have, well, you would call it a flaw. It's very rare on Earth. Fewer than 1 in 50 million people have it."

Liz-"That's why they're going after Laurie. She must have the defect."
Max-"What happens if they succeed in infecting Laurie?"
Larek-"Once they've infected her, the Gandarium will mutate into a universal virus. She'll infect anyone she comes in contact with, human or otherwise. The, in turn, will infect everyone they come in contact with. Eventually, she and every infected person on the planet will die."

Liz-"Hello? Kyle? Where are you? OMG, you guys. They're in there! Yeah, we see the crystals. You guys think you can make an opening?"
Max-"Our powers don't work on this."
Liz-"Are you sure?"

Kyle-"What? What are you doing?"
Liz-"They...uh..just..they're, you know, taking a break."
Kyle-"You know, there's not that much air down here."
Liz-"Okay.um....we're just gonna have to get back to you." "Breathe shallow."

Max-"Maybe we should dig another hole."

Kyle-"So, this is how it ends. Somehow this is not how I pictured it."
Alex-"Hell of a ride though."
Kyle-"I guess."
Alex-"I mean, think about it. We not only met aliens, but they killed us. How many people can say that?"
Kyle-"You're going delirious. Is that it?"
Alex-"Take a step away from your life, Kyle. You know, I mean, you're part of this amazing thing....this amazing knowledge that you have that 6 billion people on this planet don't. You really wanna step out of this cave if it meant you were gonna be just another dumb jock?"
Kyle-"You know..I wouldn't."
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