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Updated October 19, 2003!

Roswell DVD Announces Release Date!

From TVShowsOnDVD

With the anniversary of TVShowsOnDVD.com just a couple of weeks away, what better gift can we give all of you besides this one? Yes, we now have an official announcement from the studio of the #1 most-requested, most-voted-for T.V. Series that all of YOU have asked for: ROSWELL!!

Fox Home Video has announced today their list of specs for the Roswell - Season 1 DVD giftset. No cover art was provided yet, so stay tuned and we'll bring it to you just as soon as we get it.

The street date is February 17, 2004. According to the early info, all 6 DVDs in this set will be presented in 1.33:1, as seen in the U.S. on standard broadcast. Soundtrack is English 2.0 Dolby Surround, and subtitles are provided. The running time is 968 minutes, and this bad boy will go for a list price of $59.98 in the U.S., and CA$89.98 in Canada.

There has been no more mention about the music use on this set, but you can read our story from last week which describes how the music rights issues have affected this release.

Here is the complete content of each disc in the set, both episodes and extras:

Disc 1
Episodes: "Pilot", "The Morning After", "Monsters", "Leaving Normal"
Commentary on "Pilot" by David Nutter and Jason Katims
Deleted scenes with optional commentary

Disc 2
Episodes: "Missing", "285 South" (Part 1), "River Dog" (Part 2), "Blood Brother"
Commentary on "285 South"
Commentary on "Blood Brother" with David Nutter and Colin Hanks
Deleted scenes w/optional commentary

Disc 3
Episodes: "Heat Wave", "The Balance", "The Toy House", "Into the Woods"
Commentary on "Heat Wave"
Deleted scenes w/optional commentary

Disc 4
Episodes: "The Convention", "Blind Date", "Independence Day", "Sexual Healing"
Commentary on "Independence Day"
Deleted scenes w/optional commentary

Disc 5
Episodes: "Crazy", "Tess, Lies and Videotape", "Four-Square", "Max to the Max"
Commentary on "Max to the Max"
Deleted scenes w/optional commentary

Disc 6
Episodes: "The White Room" (Part 1), "Destiny" (Part 2)
Commentary on "Destiny"
Deleted scenes w/optional commentary
3 Featurettes
Gag Reel
Actor Audition "Tess, Lies and Videotape"
Sensefield's "Save Yourself" music video

You may have noticed that theDDD was down for a few days back in March. And now the video clips of Max and Liz are gone from the site. The DDD's web host received complaints from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) that theDDD.net was in violation of copyright laws and so the web host said that if the clips weren't removed immediately the site would be shut down. So I removed the video clips. How the MPAA discovered theDDD is beyond me! Maybe I should be flattered.


From Bordersstores.com:

Roswell a New Beginning, Roswell Ser.
Bibliographic Data: Trade Paperback, 256 Pages, Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, June 2003

Author: Ryan, Kevin

Borders Price: $5.99
May not reflect any in-store discount

Status: Not Yet Published

BINC: 7153190

ISBN: 0689855206

Shelf Location: YA/Intermediate > Young Adult > Young Adult Series

Description: Picking up where the television show ended, these new adventures continue the saga of Max, Michael, Isabel, Liz, Maria, and Kyle. As they pile into their van and leave Roswell behind, they are all hoping for something different from most of the events of the past three years. Original.

Reported in The Hollywood Reporter on March 17, 2003
'Heights' rising with ensemble

NEW YORK - Miramax Films has cast "The Battle of Shaker Heights" - the second installment of its Project Greenlight filmmaking contest - with Kathleen Quinlan, Shia LaBeouf, Elden Henson, Amy Smart, William Sadler, Shiri Appleby and Anson Mount. "Heights," in production, was penned by Erica Beeney and is being helmed by Kyle Rankin and Efram Potelle. LivePlanet's Chris Moore and Jeff Balis are producing "Heights" with exec producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Miramax vp production Rick Schwartz is overseeing, reporting to co-president of production Bob Osher.

Shiri Appleby ("Swimfan" ) has joined Dermot Mulroney, Josh Lucas and Jamie Bell in the cast of "Undertow" for helmer David Gordon Green ("All the Real Girls" ) . Pic is set to lense in April in and around Savannah, Ga. Film, penned by Joe Conway and Green, will be produced by Terrence Malick, Ed Pressman and Lisa Muskat for New York-based production stable ContentFilm.

Reported in Variety Mar. 24, 2003

Robyn Burnett Answers Questions
just for theDDD about her new Book!
Crash Into Me

TheDDD: With that said perhaps you would like to tell us what gave you the idea or inspiration to write a book about Roswell and it's fans?

Robyn: I am a huge fan of Roswell. I had just finished working on a biography and was having lunch with my editor when the discussion of television shows came up. She is a huge fan of Buffy. I convinced her that Roswell was worth checking out. Then, I brought up the idea of a Roswell book. ECW has done a variety of different television books, so... A few months later, my agent presented the idea to ECW formally and it went from there! As for the fans, once I learned of all of their efforts to not only save the show but raise money for charity, I knew that I wanted to document their story.

TheDDD: Does your book touch upon the controversy regarding 'chads' and 'storylines' and 'change of direction' the show took over it's short life and how the fans seemed to be an integral part of that?

Robyn: I do touch on the storyline controversies and the change of direction in the episode guide. I don't get into the "chad" list as much but I do bring up some of their issues. There wasn't enough room to go into explicit detail like the "chad" list did. The book does go into detail about the role the fans played in keeping the show on the air.

TheDDD: Roswell fans have been (and continue to be) amazingly generous and hardworking for several charities over the years - is this a new phenomena? Or did Roswell fans pick up where other fan groups left off?

Robyn: I personally feel the Roswell fans were very unique on many fronts. The amount of money that has been raised for charities is phenomenal. Sending in the Tabasco sauce was truly a unique effort, and even more impressive was the amount of bottles actually received... twice! From that standpoint, I would say it was a new phenomena. An organized fan campaign was not a new idea, however. Over the years, different fan letter writing campaigns have saved shows including Star Trek and Cagney and Lacey.

TheDDD: What sources did you use when putting together your book? Obviously the internet (thank you again!) but were the 'people' behind Roswell at all forthcoming in helping you with your book?

Robyn: I read a lot of news articles and had great help from various fans when writing the book. While I would have loved to approach the people involved with the show, it may have presented some difficulties for them considering that this is an "unofficial" book and not one directly associated with Fox or the WB.

TheDDD: I'm sure you've answered all these questions before but anything you would like to tell theDDD visitors would be terrific. I hope sales of your book are going well!

Thank you for your kind words. The chemistry between Max and Liz was both compelling and inspiring and it is understandable as to why people continue to embrace it even though Roswell has been cancelled. When we connect so strongly to characters, whether in literature, television or film, the feeling can last for a lifetime. I was a huge fan of North and South, the television miniseries from the 1980's, and Orry and Madeleine are still two of my favorite characters. Max and Liz's romance was one of those stories that will not be forgotten.

Thank you Robyn!


Calling Roswellians...Advertisement in Variety Endeavor

Dear Fellow Roswell Fan:

On May 14, 2002, Roswell was taken off the air. Roswell lives on in many fans’ hearts! Worldwide many Roswellians are united in eager anticipation of Roswell reruns to be aired on The Sci Fi Channel beginning January 13, 2003. (Roswell will air Monday through Friday, 6:00 P.M., eastern standard time.)

Having already saved the show twice, Roswell fans have united together for a third campaign, “Calling Roswellians…Advertisement in Variety Endeavor” or CRAVE. Our goal with CRAVE is to spread the word of Roswell reruns and to convince The Sci Fi Channel to continue the Roswell story.

To accomplish this, Roswell fans want to place a full page ad in the national edition of Daily Variety. We want it to be a COLOR ad! Having already raised over $250,000 for charity we are optimistic about accomplishing such a goal, but we will need the support of every Roswell fan to do it.

Therefore, it would be greatly appreciated if you could help publicize the CRAVE campaign and the rerun information on your website.

Further information can be found at www.RoswellCRAVE.com Please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your time.


The CRAVE Campaign Committee

ROSWELL CRAVE, P.O. Box 605, Caseyville, IL 62232

New information on the Dreamer Party!
the weekend of February 14 and 15, 2003

We finally have the party details set! Some things have changed since last I wrote you. We have set up the following website with the party details and the party registration (which you already filled out).

Sign our Guest Book!

We have also set up a link to a board where all of us can chat about the party information. Please visit the site and read the General Greeting, which will have even more information.

The board is open to anyone!

Look forward to seeing you all there!

We'll be giving away prizes and raffling some wonderful gifts as well as providing ample opportunity to meet other Max and Liz fans, watch videos of our favorite episodes plus much much more!

We do hope you can join us! Continue to Watch theDDD.net and the newsletter for more information as if becomes available.

This party is not associated with Crashdown.com or Fan Forum.

First Annual Zeke Lerner
Celebrity Bowl-A-Thon!

February 16th, 2003

All proceeds will benefit Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (FSMA). Zeke and his family will be there to support the event. It will be held at Covina Bowl (a Roswell filming location) on Sunday, February 16th, 2003 from 12pm to 5pm. It is a holiday weekend, so most people will have Monday off.

The plan is to have a team of 5 bowlers and 1 celebrity on each lane. There will be 3 games, and we are asking the celebrities to join us for at least two. So, as long as we get enough celebrities, each team will bowl with two different ones.

**We are, of course, inviting all of the Roswell cast, plus a number of Roswell guest stars, as well as other actors, musicians, athletes, and radio and TV personalities. Right now I am taking tentative confirmations from them, just to see who is interested, since it is still a little early for most of them to know what their schedules will be like. So, we can't guarantee anybody at this time. But, I do think it is something that a lot of people will want to participate in, especially the Roswell actors who will want to help Zeke and Garrett.**

****Sign ups will begin on Wednesday, August 21st, 2002 at 7pm Pacific Time. So, let me know if you're interested. There will be a link up at that time on all of the Roswell actor boards on FF, and on Roswell 2 on FF, as well as on crashdown.com. We are also in the process of designing a website that will have updated info on the event, bowling teams, and the celebrities as they confirm. And if you want to help, but can't be there, we will have a sponsor-a-bowler program where you can sponsor a needy child from Covina, or a local child with SMA, so that they can participate.

Space is limited, since we can only fit 5 people on a lane. The minimum donation to participate is $70 per person. We will also have a pledge sheet for you to print so that you can get friends and family, or local businesses to sponsor you, just like with a walk-a-thon. The $70.00 fee will cover lunch, beverages, a souvenir program, 3 games, and shoe rental. Commemorative T-shirts will be $10.00, and will be available only by pre-ordering. You will have the opportunity to do so soon.

We will also be having a contest in which the team that raises the most money will get to choose both celebrities that they will get to bowl with. The second place team will get to choose one of the celebrities they will bowl with. There will be an auction at the event as well.

The minimum donations will be accepted from October 30th to November 30th, 2002. Additional money raised for the contest will be due by January 31st, so that we can get a celebrity list out to the winning teams.

~Each team (anywhere from 2 to 5 people) should have one person sign up for the whole team. That person will need to know each bowlers' name (first and last), posting name (if they have one), address, phone number, e-mail, and if they will be staying in a hotel or not. We have a wonderful and supportive hotel working on a group discount for us. I will have an exact cost at a later date, and at that point those needing a hotel can decide if they want to stay there, or find their own.

If a team has less than 5 people, we will add individuals looking for teams to it. And you may sign up as an individual if you do not have a team together at the point of registration.

So, we look forward to seeing you all there. :D Get started organizing those teams! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at FSMA Bowlathon

Take Care everybody!

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