Breathless calls this:
Max's Promise of Faith

The first time
That I saw you

I knew that you
Were meant for me

But I watched you
From across the room

I was afraid
To let you see

The first time
That I touched you

I felt the kindness
In your heart

And when I finally
Let you in

I hoped we'd
Never be apart

But fear can be
So powerful

I let my fear
Drive me away

I lost the only
Thing I wanted

I think about
You everyday

You gave me time
The time I needed

To fight the fear
That held me tight

You gave your loving hand
To guide me

Out of the dark
Into the light

And I was free
With you beside me

From all the fear
I use to know

You gave my life
True meaning

When you're not here
I need you so

And though I never
Meant to hurt you

I see the tears
Swim in your eyes

And I'm afraid
the truths I told you

You might think
Were only lies

I never meant
To disappoint you

I never meant
To cause you pain

I didn't know
What I was doing

When you saw me
In the rain

And now the trust
That you were feeling

Has it broken
All apart?

Or will Faith
Keep us together

Please let me back
Into your heart

Because I need
You more than ever

And these words
I say are true

No matter what
May come between us

I will always be
In love with you

For Lady Liz -
Love Everlasting

I never knew
How much you loved me

Until you opened
Up your heart

And from the moment
That you touched me

I prayed we'd
Never be apart

My life began the day
You saved me

And when I opened
Up my eyes

And saw your face
Floating before me

I think I heard
The angels' sighs

And on the day you
Opened up your heart

And I opened
Mine to you

And you said
I set your heart aglow

Just the way
I wanted to

You brought me comfort
Joy and happiness

More than words
Can ever tell

And though you didn't
Really mean to

You brought in pain
With you as well

But they say love
Is never easy

And it can sometimes
Be so hard

To keep the faith
In those around you

To keep the love
From being marred

And though I want
You here forever

Maybe it wasn't
Meant to be

But my heart cries out
No Never

When I try
To set you free

But my days
And nights are empty

When you're not
Close by my side

I miss the tender
Way you touch me

This gulf between us
Seems so wide

Yes, True Love
Is never easy

But it's worth
The price to pay

I will wait for you

I know our love
Will find a way

words by Breathless, screen caps from

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