Our Max by Twoods

Oh there are so many Maxes that one just cannot count,
But trusty provence has taken them all into account!
Last week we were all mesmorized by behr chested Max,
And dreamgirls wasn't he totally owning those khaki slacks!
There he was, cannibal-like in the eraser room,
His kisses were so hot they made our hearts go vrroooom!
Oh what wouldn't I give to see that muscular chest up close
Now only if I had some whipped cream…sorry I didn't mean
to sound so gross
But what I do need right now is a plump red strawberry
Especially after remembering how smashing he looked in
There he was beside his Liz kneeling,
God only knows what all the dreamgirls were feeling!
But there are other Maxes we still dream of,
such as concerned Max whom we all love!
I would die to camp with Max after seeing him in that vest,
But I would have to think that kissing Max is the best.
Who wouldn't want those strong hands wrapped around
your waist,
While kissing his lips, which I so desperately want to taste!

What did you guys think when you that tongue flicker,
Well I was thinking, "Well go ahead Max and lick 'er!!"
Angry Max made all our hearts race,
And Ethereal Max, just look at his face!
Emotional Max brought tears to our eyes,
And or secretive Max would never tell us any lies!
Who else can look that sexy sucking on a blow pop
Or wear an "energy source" so well that it makes our hearts
Romantic Max made us sigh for days,
And affected me so much I think I'm still in a dreamgirl
Boy do I need Fireman Max right now because I think I'm
I just thought of Hungry Max and my stomach started
Just look at Max owning that arm chair,
When I look at him I just want to run my fingers through
his hair.
Speaking of his hair, his perfect bangs make us swoon,
And when he smiles, his face lights up as bright as the
Proud Max made us grin,
Pocket Max made us sin,
Dancing Max made us sigh
And Leather Jacket Khaki Max made me die.
When he wears that jean jacket I get all faint,
And look at Worshipping Max, doesn't he look like a saint!
Seductive Max looks mighty fine,
Oooh how I wish he was mine!
I think I have run out of Maxes to rhyme with and I can see
that this poem is seriously beginning to suck
So I just think I'll stop right now and I have a midterm on
Monday so wish me luck!!