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(H) is for Healer Max

Handcuffed Max -
Dreamgirl marph222 was overheard saying about 'Handcuffed Max' .
You're right, he doesn't look his happiest... then again, the only way he'd ever be happy about being locked into handcuffs is if it was being done by a dreamgirl! haha.
for example, consider the following exchange:
dreamgirl: max evans? yes, i'm sorry but you are under arrest.
max evans: okay.
dreamgirl: we're going to have to take you in... .
max evans: okay. dreamgirl: now don't resist when we put on the handcuffs. .
max evans: okay. .
dreamgirl: you might have to stay in the cell overnight... .
max evans: okay. .
dreamgirl: but we'll take good care of you...we promise. .

Handyman to have around Max! -
He's a handy painter
But there's more than one way to be handy and leave a Dreamer breathless!

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