"Liz," Max said softly." When I was in that room, and they did what they did to me. You're what kept me alive. Thought of you; the way your eyes look into mine. Your smile; the touch of your skin; your lips. Knowing you has made me human. Whether I die tomorrow or fifty years from now; my destiny is the same: it's you. I want to be with you, Liz. I love you."

"I love you," Liz whispered. As Max heard those words; the words that he had waited all his life to hear, he felt something inside crumble. His world was finally complete. Liz loved him. He had known it in his heart but he had needed to hear it, for his mind to accept that she was his.

He kissed her with all the care and devotion and churning emotion that he was feeling. He was so scared and yet, here in this old deserted van, he felt peace. His life was a nightmare and yet he was happy.......because Liz loved him. His lips met hers with desire and a passion blossoming from the words spoken and the fear that they might yet still be separated.

"Remember in the car, before they shot at us, Max?" Liz asked. "You said, 'If we ever get out of this.....'. What did you mean, Max? What were you going to say?"

He looked shyly into her shining eyes. "I was going to say that we had waited long enough. I wanted to say that I loved you and I wanted to be with you. You know.....'with' you." he looked away and waited for her to say they were too different. Max knew he couldn't expect Liz to want what he wanted. It was too soon. He waited for her to tell him they were too young....that it was too dangerous.....And being Max, he just waited.

"Yes, Max," Liz whispered. " Yes."

"What?.....Oh God, Liz," he stammered. "You love me enough to risk everything? We don't know what will happen."

"I only know I love you more than my own life," she answered.

"That is the only thing I know right now. If I thought the FBI would leave you alone, I'd give myself to them. When I saw what they did to they hurt you, heart broke. You are safe and I will not let them hurt you again. Max, I love you."

Max groaned deep in his throat and clung to Liz. He was so weak from the drugs and the torture. He was trying so hard to gain his strength but his body had reached a plateau and wasn't recovering.

"If we live through tonight, I want to love you, Liz. I want to show you how much I care, how close we can be. I want to complete us," he whispered. "And we will see tomorrow because now that you've told me you love me, nothing will keep us apart." His eyes were full of tears and his hands couldn't stay away from her face. His lips just kept caressing hers, his tongue loving hers.

Liz felt his tears mingle with hers and understood his words. He was too weak from the drugs and this was an impossible time and place.

"Max, we both want our first time together to be perfect, not here in this dirty van, and not with fear pushing us on," Liz softly said. "I want it too, and we'll have time..........all the time in the world. We have the next 50 years.............remember? Let's get some rest. Let me hold you. You sleep, my Max, my love."

She led him to an old sofa at the back of the van. He stretched out and held his arms up to Liz. She melted down into his waiting arms. She fitted her body to his, cuddling his head with her arms and placing her right leg between his. "Oh God, Liz," he sighed. "You feel so good. Hold on to me........never let go."

She wanted to stay like this forever. Clinging to Max, head to toe. Feeling his body, hearing his breath as his chest gently rose and fell under her breast. She knew Max. He was torturing himself now because he couldn't love her. "Stop it, Max. Just lay here with me. I'll guard you through the night. Your poor body has been through enough. Let it rest."

He knew she was right but he wanted so much to touch let her know he wanted her. He hesitantly moved his hand down between their bodies and placed it between her legs. He wanted to feel her heat. He drew in a deep breath and held it. "God, Liz. My mind wants you so badly."

Liz felt his hot hand and moaned quietly. She slowly ran her hand down to his pants, slid under his clothes and cupped his quiet manhood. He rolled his head and made a sound as if in pain. His body couldn't stir itself. Liz understood. She had felt his body react to hers so many times that she knew he was just too weak. She had felt him hard against her as they kissed and caressed enough to know this wasn't Max, this was the drugs.

"Let me just hold you. Keep you warm. We'll love each other tomorrow. Tomorrow will come and we'll be together for the rest of our lives. Sleep now, Max. Let someone else watch over you for a while. Sleep," she whispered.

Max nestled his face into her sweet neck, nuzzling her with his nose, feeling her pulse beating against his cheek. He was finally at peace. He was with Liz....he could rest. Max held her with one arm and kept his hand in the warmth of her curls. His eyes drooped and then closed. His breathing evened out and he slept. Liz held onto him for dear life. She held him through the night.....the long dark night.

The sound of a car engine woke Max. "Let's go," he said. He and Liz jumped up, untangling their arms and legs. He could still feel the warmth of her touch on him and how wet she had been. He could feel the adrenalin pumping in his veins and, pulling Liz beside him, ran from the van.
by Maggie