Anticipation - Poem by Twoods

Anticipating Max ('I've been waiting for this a long time.") -

The dreamgirls are preparing for Wednesday night,
For a glance of shirtless max, why that would be a dreamy sight!
For weeks they have anticipated and have begun to prepare,
For the dreamiest reunion…girls do we wish to dare?
Melanie is filling up her oxygen tank with the greatest of care,
In hopes of seeing Max completely bare!!!
Strawberries, strawberries is all Unbehrablycute is thinking of,
while Jugular dreams about her and Jason being in love.
Jennifer realizes its almost nine and starts starts to sweat,
And where is dempsgurl…why she's passed out I bet!!
Provence takes a break from her dictionary writing,
In hopes to see Max's kisses turn slowly to biting!
"Where is my aspirin and bib?" shouts parrothead,
and Dawn is running around trying to get her kids fed.
"It's almost nine," screams GinaG,
and Maria gets so anxious she nearly has to go pee
Why is everyone so anxious you might ask?
Nothing becomes between the dreamgirls and their yummy MAX!
Can it be that the show is about to start
Of course it is, can't you hear the thumping of Kate 6058's heart?
It has finally happened, Max and Liz have started to get randy,
Schmoo gets so excited, she downs a shot of brandy!
Their kisses begin to get hot and deep,
And all the dreamgirls get quiet, not even a peep!
Groovygirl's eyes get all big,
While ssv is dancing quite a jig!
Julie whips out her bib because she starts to drool
And saphire starts to fan herself to try to stay cool.
But poor taovande has already fallen to the floor,
while Sarah is begging, pleading for more.
As they slowly kiss with Max on the top,
Courtney is probably thinking, "boy right now I could sure use a blowpop!"
As Max bites on Liz's lip Citygirl screams with delight,
Don't scream to loud girl, that isnt very polite!
Slowly Max begins to take off his shirt,
oh dreamguy, why do you have to be such a flirt?
Can't you see that breathless's eyes have shut,
LizAndMax4ever has practically gone nuts,
mattia's hands have gone numb
and twoods's brain stopped functioning so she feels pretty dumb!
Sublime has entered euphoria land,
and Denise can hardly even stand!
And how will Mr. ML react when he opens the door,
And finds poor Mrs. ML passed out on the floor!
By now the floors are covered with drool and the air is filled with shouts and cries,
and everyone around looks at this chaos and wonders "Is this how a dreamgirl dies?"
(happy dying of course you guys!)
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