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Dreamer's Journal

a collection of poems and prose ...

8th includes entries from Veronica Banning, Princess007 and Liz Evans aka Jen

You love me,
Just as I love you
Even if my friends see different,
Even if your friends try to tear us apart

Accept my doubts,
For they are not real
And I will ignore your fear,
Because I know it is not of me

We've been through a lot,
Somethings together, others apart
But now I no longer care about the past
I don't want to be hurt or angry

Can we just be together, alone?
For just this moment, this second?
We can block out time, just for now
And learn to love again?

Hey Shakespere!
Dude, we gotta talk.

Now listen here,
Romeo and Juliet?

Yeah, its time for a rewrite I fear,
And babe, its gonna be rough

I'm talking Aliens and Spaceships, Dear...
And no, my guy ain't green

It's going to be a pain in the rear
But deal with it, cause I've gone through a lot

I've shead more than one tear,
Been ordered to make Romeo fall out of love with Juliet

One more thing, which I know might sound a little queer,
Now listen up, cause I want a happy ending...

Don't kill em'

....Which is what happens when you watch the "Romeo and Juliet" promo too many times.

above from Princess007


I love you until we part by death
I want to tell you with every breath
Your'e all I know that's pure and true
Your'e the only one I can turn to

Every beat of this heart of mine
Will beat for you for all time
Every step I take in the day
I'll have you there to lead the way

Every song I hear and sing
Will be for you, my everything
Until the stars don't shine any longer
I will be yours and that makes me stronger

by Liz Evans (Jen)

Your Everything

Your gentle hands and the way they touch
How you make me shiver and feel so much
Your soft lips and your perfect chin
How you light up the room with just a grin

Your soulful eyes and your smooth skin
To explain everything, i cant even begin
There is too much to tell you, too much to say
About how i love you in every way

Your sweet words and your soothing voice
Ive made up my mind and you are my choice
You are the one that i want to be with forever
For the rest of my life we will be together

by Liz Evans (Jen)

Your Love Heals

I cant describe it but know its real
how with just one touch you can heal
You heal my soul and fill this space
Thats in my heart and it begins to race

You heal this ache that comes from my heart
And it only hurts more when we are apart
You heal this place inside of my mind
Thoughts only you know and you can find

You heal my pain and heal my sorrow
You make me look forward to tommorrow
I cant describe it and I couldnt if I tried
For your love is a blessing i cannot hide

Your breathing slows with mine as we dance
For God has given us more than one chance
I look into your eyes and all I can say
Is that your love heals me in every way

by Jen (Liz Evans)


We've had our problems and our doubts
We've had our arguments end in shouts
We've not been together for so long it seems
But You Mean Everything to Me

You still light up my world, my whole life
Your love gets me through the trouble and strife
My knees feel week when you look at my face
You are my hope, My saving grace

True love doesn't die not now or ever
So we will be one again, soon together
I can't wait to see you smile again
We will beat this obstacle, we will win
I watched you during the months apart
And I could see that you mirrored my broken heart

We both were hurting, we both were in pain
But to stay apart now would be insane
Now that you're "here with me" I cant hide
Because It is a perfect feeling and is so right
You will stay there for always never to leave
Because you still make my heart beat faster with ease.

By Jen (Liz Evans)

I only see you..

We've been through good times like no one knows
W've been through bad times with all our woes
No matter what happens we are still strong
Because I need you and that's where I belong

When you kiss me.. the Earth Moves
When you touch me..My body soothes
When you speak I only see you
We Will Stay together not knowing where to
You and Me forever
Stronger than Ever

by Jen a.k.a Liz Evans a.k.a Nee
http://mailsync.org/roswellian/dream.jpg"> by Fallen Princess

The Things You Do

I love you beyond the oceans and sea
Because you are everything to me
And when you put your forehead to mine?
I sigh in bliss to know that you're mine
And when you kiss me the way you do?
The more I love and want to be with you
And when you put my cheek to your hand?
I feel like you are the only one who will understand.
And when you hug me and whisper in my ear?
I feel safe to know that you are here
And when you look into my eyes so great?
I know we are supposed to be one..it's fate

You calm my fears and complete my soul
I know I can never again let you go
You have my heart, body, and soul for all time
Because I am yours and you are mine
You are my life and you are my all
You always seem to be there to catch my fall
It is the sweetest feeling being in your embrace
I see my world when I look at your face.

by Jen a.k.a Liz Evans


vivid indelible
bright white light
hand reaching out
making a mark

eclectic mind
electric wire
connecting to
another one
starting the fire

contradiction in terms
extreme end of the spectrum
this is me
trying not to be
in dreams

arms around my soul
when I cry
when I try
this is you
in my life.

calm after the storm
(blankets covering)
your hands are warm
this is you
this is me
this is right.

--Samara Veronica Hamilton

My Pain

I want you to look inside my Soul,
and tell me what you see.

Do you hear the Sadness in my body,
that's calling out in Pain.

Can you see the emptiness in my Heart,
that's waiting to be filled.

Can you feel the coldness in my Body,
as I shiver, as I wanting to be warm,
and longing to be Love.

Do you see the Heart,
the Heart that I Love with,
being open and torn and rip into two,
wanting some one to mend it.

But do you see my Soul,
being cover in a black sheet,
as it covered from light,
and keeping it in darkness.

And Waiting and Longing,
for someone to uncover this emptiness I feel,
and to set it free.

And to Love this Body,
My Heart, My Mind,
And My Soul, Again.

by Eyes-only4-Behr

Spread the Light
(a Dreamer Tribute)

By Heather “Zoey” Tindall Days will come and go
Life will go on, I know
Even when night falls upon this town
Morning will eventually come around

Don’t cry because it ended
Don’t ever say good-bye
They’ll live on in our hearts
That’s where their memories lie
Smile because it happened
Only say good-night
Because it’s not over
Spread the light

Their love will last forever
And, surely, ours will, too
‘Cause worlds were discovered
And lives were changed by you

Without them we’d be bitter
Lonely, lost, and blue
The taught us the meaning of true love
And that we follow the paths we choose

The world keeps spinning
We’ll keep cheering
For the winning team!

Chorus (x2)

Don’t cry because it’s ending
Smile because it happened

Don’t say good-bye
Just say good-night

Once a Roswellian, always a Roswellian! Once a Dreamer, forever a Dreamer!!!

Because it’s not over
Because the dream is still alive
Because we’re still here
Spread the light

Max Evans and Liz Parker
For eternity

Because it’s just the beginning
Spread the light