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Dreamer's Journal

a collection of poems and prose ...

7th includes entries from
etoileone, crazycat*, iluvroswell13, Noseedough, Roswool and Lady Une

The Future

His breath caresses my skin.
This is where I belong,
In his arms.

I know this is my home,
I know this is where I belong.

A lot has happened.
Maybe I should just let him go.
I will not.
For I will travel the ends of the universe
By his side, my hand firmly in his.

The truth will be known
He'll know why I did the things I did.
And forgiveness will be our blanket.
To warm our souls, they've been so cold.
Our future is What we make of it.
And as I look into your eyes.
I know the choice i've made was right.

Peace RosWool

Fall into your arms..

We've been through so much,
and I know it's not the end.
Just let me fall into your arms,
and swear you'll never let me go again.

Oh the future is uncertain,
but I don't care...
Just let me fall into your arms,
Please never let me go again.

I'll never lie to you again,
Even if it means The End of the World.
I never want to ever think about her...
in your arms again.

I look into your eyes,you're looking back at them,
And we're sending a secret message,
Telling each other everythings going to br just find.
It's as if we never left,
the past year was just a dream.....

So let me fall into your arms...
let me feel you touch my hair...
I still remeber your kisses,how did I manage to breathe...
So Promise me-like I promise you.
We'll hold each other close.....
And never let go.
We'll hold each other close.....
And never let go
Thanks for everyone's time


into the light

there is fog
in the strange green forest
a thick haze in your eyes
the fine,
cool mist of infatuation
it plays like a winded
promise on your
clouded vision
you're lost in
the woods
and only i
know the way out
so feel for my hand
through your darkness
and i'll lead you
into the light of day
into this ring of
sunshine, truth
now look upon me clearly
and know who your true love is

in your eyes I see everything
as it should be,
not as it is right now
and I don't need to touch you
to feel when your heart beats
because I can see it...
there is strength there
that draws me to bravery
and pleads with my spirit
to be everything
it aspires to be...
your eyes reveal everything
and I can see
the way a heart can see forever
without knowing time,
I already know the words
before you speak them...
I can feel your fear
and touch your pain
there is nothing you can hide
because your eyes
speak to me...
I can see everything
and even with nothing
standing between us
but silence and a heartbeat,
I can hear you...
from your eyes to my soul
we share a lifeline
securing these moments
without arms to embrace,
and I can't see it
but I know it's there...
because I'm only strong
when you are near...

above by Lady Une!

she came like water to heat-scorched lips
a splash of alizarin crimson
on the white canvas of my life

when the snow falls from the sky like God's
cupped this dome in his hands and shaken
with all his might
i feel her burning sirocco summer, the lava
trails through my veins,
a live wire slashing the thin fabric of night

she leads me to indulgence, to gorge myself
on rich chocolate in her eyes
the solemn melody of her voice drowning out my fears
and while she brands me with her kiss,
she quenches me with tears

Lady Une


I do not only start to dream,
when the Sun goes down,
I do not wait till I'm asleep,
to visit Roswell town.
I envision Max and Liz
together for all time;
perhaps I am delusional,
but, surely it's no crime...
to dream of how things ought to be
and hope that it comes true
a Dreamer's dream is all I ask...
so, won't you join me too?
Dear Max:

My sweet Max, when I look in your eyes
often I can't do... more than just sigh;
but, my dear friend, you have troubled me so
and you've got - a long way to go!
I know in my heart that we are to be,
I never doubted what's true destiny
Hope that you feel - the way that you claim
and can convince me that you weren't to blame
After I died...Max, you gave me life
and all that I dreamed was: I'd be your wife.
I never expected to become a queen
I never dreamed of the things I have seen;
I only know that there can be only one;
perhaps time will heal all that's been done.
If you still love me, I'll give you a chance
ever since that day...I've been in a trance.
So, show me you love me in things that you do
and I'll be here waiting to hear 'It is you!'

love Liz


Max, I feel I've known you
ever since the Crash,
even though I only...
saw it through a Flash.
I swear that we were, destined...
meant to be a pair...
you came to me through space and time,
with your love to share.
You have always been,
the keeper of my soul...
you not only, saved my life
but you made it whole.



I do not only start to dream,
when the Sun goes down,
I do not wait till I'm asleep,
to visit Roswell town.
I envision Max and Liz
together for all time;
perhaps I am delusional,
but, surely it's no crime...
to dream of how things ought to be
and hope that it comes true
a Dreamer's dream is all I ask...
so, won't you join me too?

By Noseedough

Sexual Healing

Hypersensitivity, A Fleur de Peau, indeed;
give us Sexual Healing, what we really need!
"At this moment, I can't not touch you!"
at this moment, dreaming of what you...
are feeling deep inside,
emotions that we...can no longer hide.
What is this reaction? How did this arrive?
I am now just seeing... how to be alive.
We have bonded through and through,
like true lovers always do,
I have let you see inside,
I have nothing left to hide!
Love is stronger than we are,
it will guide us through the stars!
Like strawberries... on the ground,
love is spreading all around.
The visions lead us to the Orb
all this now, we must absorb.

By Noseedough

(BTW - A Fleur de Peau (Hypersensitivity) is the French title for Sexual Healing.)


Pain is felt all around-
When i think of you-
I've been suffering so much-
If only you knew

I know that I was stupid-
To do what I did-
I went off with another girl-
Who is now carrying my kid.

I wish that I could take it back-
And go back to when-
All that I could think about-
Was the silkiness of your skin.

I love you, I love you, I love you-
That will never end-
But I am willing to wait-
For your heart to mend.

Please try to remember-
The great times we shared-
And then you'll know-
That all along i've cared.

Sorrow feels my body-
Not having you in my arms-
Patience is a virtue-
But is one that harms.

When the pain decreases-
And joy is near-
I'll be waiting for you-
Don't forget i'm here.


To Max, From Liz

(about what happened with Fmax)

When I heard what could have been,
My heart fell to the floor,
When I knew I could have been your kin,
I really wanted more.

But I couldn't have it,
The opposite instead,
I had to change the future,
So others wouldn't be dead.

But how could I make you,
Turn away from me?
The thing that I decided,
I guess it was the key.

You know it hurt to do it,
The look on your face,
I felt like I was going to die,
But I did it to save your race.

We would have died,
But we would have lived,
A happy life all the same,
So is what I did Right or Wrong,
The answer never came.

Is what I did, and what happened after,
Why the future came,
Or will what happened then and now,
Still be the same?

Will we ever know the answer,
Or will we ever be,
Able to be together again,
For all eternity?

Max, all we can do now,
Is see what the new future brings,
But hopefully, One day I will say I DO,
As we exchange gold rings.

Erin aka iluvroswell13
Somewhere up in the deep black sky
I see a star shining brightly
and I remembe
r I am a Dreamer

I feel proud
I feel special
I am a Dreamer

I close my eyes
travel trough the space
see other Dreamers
they remind me
I am a Dreamer

I open my eyes
I feel myself peaceful
l I feel myself confident
I feel loved
I am a Dreamer

I feel proud
I am a Dreamer

I feel specia
l I am a Dreamer

I shall believe
I am a Dreamer

By crazycat*


I see you
the way you see me
loving so completely
Something lies beneath
the heated glances
the scorching kiss
More than life
more than air
you are always there
Would that I could divine
those secrets held inside
my heart, your eyes without you
Apart the world shatters
nothing exists
beyond the dream I have of you
Twisted and broken
lives tangle
we hold it all within
Together we break
into a million pieces
you reconstruct us as one
And I hold it in my grasp
all the love
all the truth
There is nothing I can keep
from you. For you are what
completes me.

A new dreamer poem started by arabella!

if you asked me to….

I'd steal the ocean
and bind it up with stars
I'd close up the heavens
and hide any light but ours
if you asked me to... (arabella)

If ever I needed a face
Someone to touch my soul
No one could fill your place
My hearts in your control
Eternally I'm close to you... (fallen)

If ever I needed a kiss
I'll close my eyes and dream
of the many you've given to me
I'm weak in your presence
I shake from the need of your touch...(RosWool)

If my skin was ever dying
From the lack of your touch
I know you wouldn't refuse my cries
If all I wanted was for you to hold me;
To caress my soul as I shed these tears.. (Flycat)

I would step away from normal
Leaving all I know behind
Knowing once I walk this path
The road back I'll never find
Because it's you…(hibiscuss)

Instead I step into adventure
You are my universe
All I've seen that's logical
Has been brushed away and
Been replaced with the look in your eyes (Alexis)

In all my life I've never felt-
So loved by anyone-
If this is all I have forever more-
When all is said and done-
It's more than enough for me!..(sandman)

Enough for me to have been with you
To share a sweet & tender kiss
& if heaven divided us
All my life I'd reminisce
You are eternity for me....(Heaven Sent)

If this was why you brought me back-
To live and die like this-
Then the present is sweet heaven to me
To have known you was pure bliss-
Every breath I take now is yours...(RD)

Let me capture the firelight
Dancing in your eyes
Mix it with the love flowing from my heart
And keep us warm forever
If you want me too… (provence)

A Love Beyond

A Collective Verse by Dreamers

who would have thought
that hope would come ....(arabella)
from stars beyond?

And why in all of
creation, would fate ....(sandman)
have chosen me?

With eyes wide open
and no second thought ....(aldebaran)
I fully embrace that hope.

Changed, renewed
my heart seeks out ....(forever)
the other half of my soul.

Your smile, love
it lights my way ....(Tasyfa)
my steps no longer falter.

Invisible threads
Keep us bound together….(hibiscuss)
I am never alone

With hope and faith
Love's flame flares up …. (provence)
To greet loves vow again.

Boundless and immeasurable
Nor fate could ever alter... (RD)
A love sprouted just for you.

We're bounded for life,
No one can deny us, .... (RosWool)
The love that's in our souls

Such infinite love
as comes from stars beyond .... (tab)
eclipses my every doubt

My heart tells me
What I already know is true....(Kel)
That you are my meant-to-be.

It is in your eyes.
They capture my soul...(rannylvsros)
It is all just magic...

I can't escape the way I feel,
For my heart tells me......... (iluvros)
Our love is real.

You've opened my heart,
You possess my soul.....(Tiger)
No going back, no regrets, no doubts.

I can believe
in heaven because….(Heaven)
I believe in you.

A look from you
And my soul has been touched....(Leah aka Ice)
Deeper than can be described

You hold my life
With gentle hands...(MysticalFaerie)
and care for it, despite all it demands.

My heart sighs
And butterflies flutter (Alexis)
Oh, to be touched by you!

With every word
You seal our fate...(Chynna Princess)
And I know we are destined

Every breath
Every kiss (Flycat)
Makes me love you all the more

Feelings revealed
With every kiss we share (6throck)
Our souls lay bare
You show me what is true No matter where life takes us... (fallen) I follow you. You show me what is real And with your love I feel...(Liz Evans) Complete From the beginning, I always knew (ms roswell) and till the end, you'll know what I felt too When all feels lost, to gain a little more strength,...(Kal-el) I just think of you.

Here With Me

The sky has changed tonight,
the black fills my mind.
The stars I used to love are gone,
lost in the inky sway.
The night has changed,
and so have you

The heat of my heart,
burns red deep inside.
Fills my world,
with the power of it's light.
I stumble back across,
to where the red is now
faded and gone,
and so are you

The brown of your eyes,
has faded to black
and the darkness becomes my sun,
and shines across my world,
through the windows of my soul.
It reminds me that Im safe,
here with you
here with me.

by evry1saysiloveu


We've had our problems and our doubts
We've had our arguments end in shouts
We've not been together for so long it seems
But You Mean Everything to Me

You still light up my world, my whole life
Your love gets me through the trouble and strife
My knees feel week when you look at my face
You are my hope, My saving grace

True love doesn't die not now or ever
So we will be one again, soon together
I can't wait to see you smile again
We will beat this obstacle, we will win
I watched you during the months apart
And I could see that you mirrored my broken heart

We both were hurting, we both were in pain
But to stay apart now would be insane
Now that you're "here with me" I cant hide
Because It is a perfect feeling and is so right
You will stay there for always never to leave
Because you still make my heart beat faster with ease.

By Jen (Liz Evans)

I only see you..

We've been through good times like no one knows
W've been through bad times with all our woes
No matter what happens we are still strong
Because I need you and that's where I belong

When you kiss me.. the Earth Moves
When you touch me..My body soothes
When you speak I only see you
We Will Stay together not knowing where to
You and Me forever
Stronger than Ever

by Jen a.k.a Liz Evans a.k.a Nee
http://mailsync.org/roswellian/dream.jpg"> by Fallen Princess

The Things You Do

I love you beyond the oceans and sea
Because you are everything to me
And when you put your forehead to mine?
I sigh in bliss to know that you're mine
And when you kiss me the way you do?
The more I love and want to be with you
And when you put my cheek to your hand?
I feel like you are the only one who will understand.
And when you hug me and whisper in my ear?
I feel safe to know that you are here
And when you look into my eyes so great?
I know we are supposed to be one..it's fate

You calm my fears and complete my soul
I know I can never again let you go
You have my heart, body, and soul for all time
Because I am yours and you are mine
You are my life and you are my all
You always seem to be there to catch my fall
It is the sweetest feeling being in your embrace
I see my world when I look at your face.

by Jen a.k.a Liz Evans