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Dreamer's Journal

a collection of poems and prose ...

5th includes entries from
meg25, Hawn grl, ms roswell, Berkie, Alexis, dreamin_away, gij, rannylvsros,
blinkchick1-8-2, Mountain Girl, and MysticalFaerie

The Promise

His soul is never resting
His tears, they flow like rain
His beautiful deep brown eyes do shine
And curtain all the pain

He goes through life a dreamer
Never knowing what is real
His deep and soulful eyes
Now cold and dark as steel

He knows he can never make amends
Things can never be right
His love for her will never die
Nor dissipate with the night

They'd fought a thousand lifetimes
And died a thousand deaths
All the while in the others arms
With the taking of last breaths

He'd found pure joy in her embrace
He vowed another day
When he would come again for her
Through space and time someway

Once again he closed his eyes
To hide from her the pain
His promise lingered in the air
That he would come again

Each lifetime he would come for her
But each would quickly end
Before they had a chance to love
Before their souls could mend

Each time there was a promise
That he would always keep
He'd go through life awaiting the day
When he could finally sleep

Each time their lives were different
But their love would never fade
And the promise of a life fulfilled
That long ago was made

One day soon his soul will rest
When he can live his life
And make of her his one true love
And then, in turn, his wife

They never knew of their past loves
Or the promises they had boar
They only know the present now
Not loves they'd lived before

They cannot be together
In this or any life
The past would always haunt him
With his promised wife

But it was all a trick of the mind
And she could never compare
To the love he'd found a thousand times
From one so pure and fair

He swore this time was different
And that he'd found the key
To shatter the circle of heartbreak
Now he could be free

He finally understood his life
And what he was meant to do
He'd finally fulfill his destiny
All of which he knew

He'd finally end his suffering
Of his loving soul
He knew that she was his one true love
He all at once was whole

He'd never again be empty
His heart would never lack
He knew at once the hidden truth
The pain came flooding back

He broke into a run now

And finally reached the door
His tear-stained face now pale with death
His true love on the floor

He hugged her tight as tears rained down
Her hair and skin now wet
With the warm, moist tears he wept for her
A love she'd never forget

She took a breath and heaved a sigh
As she lie there growing still
She made him vow it once again
A promise to fulfill

As she took her final breath
He promised her once more
The promise of a thousand loves
Which long ago was boar

He'd found pure joy in her embrace
He vowed another day
When he would come again for her
Through space and time someway

Once again he closed his eyes
To hide from her the pain
His promise lingered in the air
That he would come again

Each lifetime he would come for her
But each would quickly end
Before they had a chance to love
Before their souls could mend

Old promises now made anew
He held her close and wept
Lifetimes more were left to go
For a promise to be kept

By Chynna Princess

From Liz to Max

To my beloved husband

With this ring,
A circle of gold
Shines faithfully forever.
Separate lives cleaved no more
Now, bound tightly together.

With this ring,
A soul once roamed
Lost among yearning souls,
Searching for the other twin
Two halves complete a whole.

With this ring,
Is the face
Imprinted upon my heart.
Nothing shall forsake our love
Nor, ever keep us apart.

With this ring,
I thee wed
My soulmate and my life,
With love entwined forever more
Eternally your wife.

With Love,


by Hawn grl

As I look up at the stars above and hope my dreams will come true,
I realize all of them include you.
Your strong arms around me, holding me tight.
Your lips against mine, sending me feeling of love and delight.
Your taste mixes with mine and I bet we make he world's nicest drink.
Your smell mixes with mine and we make the world's nicest perfume.
I love you so much I think I could die,
I'm afraid I will if I don't have you near.
I know on the outside we think we should move on, but on the inside I crave for you.
My soulmate.
I didn't tell you enough how much I love you, but now you know.
I'll die for you a thousand times, before you could shed a single drip of blood.
I'll always love you and I'll be here ready for you forever.

ms roswell

Amber like a jewel to pull you in
Honey to stick you there
Hazel for that "down to earth" look

Dark with the burden of expectations
Intense to make it impossible not to look
Emotional that makes it impossible to look away

Soft as a sheet of silk
Gentle as a spring breeze
Kind as a Samaritan

They made you perfect
They made you beautiful
They made you mine

by Berkie
I think I like it from an actor standpoint(I'm not an official one, but I dabble). The script, direction, portrayals and general execution of the ep are absolutely amazing. Jason walks the fine line between his 2 Max's: One still wide-eyed and innocent, completely enthralled by the bonds of fresh love and one battle-worn and war-tired, still enthralled by the bonds of seasoned love. And we can tell the difference, even without the hair and all the leather(not that the hair or leather is a bad thing!!). But I think beyond that, I've watched it 12 times b/c of the emotion it stirs inside me. Certain shows are so amazing that every ep moves you through a series of emotions every week and you finish watching it completely drained of emotional energy(i.e.- ER, the most amazing show on television today, every ep is somehow better then the last). No matter how many times I watch EotW I always finish with my nose practically on the screen, holding my breath. The emotion, the energy, the pain, the guilt, the confusion and the love just radiate off the screen. It's the ultimate sacrifice and the ultimate betrayal rolled into one. It is the only thing I've ever watched that had me curled into a ball on my couch, sobs wracking my body. I rarely tear at television, let alone bawl. And it was that emotional outpouring that makes me coming back for more. Don't we all watch television to feel something that isn't completely us? Watching Max(both of them) and especially Liz go through this trial makes me feel something that I haven't in my life: Real, pure, true love and what you would do for that love, no matter the consequences.

From Berkie

Stepping out into Dreamer Land

Slowly we did make that step
To see a world unknown
A place where love and self sacrifice
With our couple is daily shown.

Along with Liz we left normal
To an exciting world
Not only do we have faith in love
We believe that a boy loves a girl

In their stares and actions
We recognized their link
We can not deny their sacred touch
That did make us think

Yes, true love can happen
Yes, we will always believe
Just look at our dear couple
In their feelings we believe.

By Alexis

You know I will

Just be my friend
That's all I need
Without your strength I could never be

I go to you when I am hurting
It's what helps me live, when I am grieving
Your comfort helps me feel my breathing

Although our love seems star-crossed
It's clear, I know what I know
And that's that our love will grow
We were meant to be as one
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow
We'll get through this hurt and sorrow

But in the meantime I need you close
Can you promise me still?
Your friendship is needed, it will fit the bill.

With confidence, no hesitation
I knew you cared for me still
When with conviction you said "You know I will"


I hurt

I hurt
I smile
Why couldn't you stay awhile?

My friend
My chum
I'm speechless, I'm numb

I sting
I cry
I ask the question "Why?"

I giggle
I sob
I know that something's wrong

I grin
I smirk
Suspicions continue to lurk

I remember
I weep
I have promises to keep

I dream
I seep
I have miles to go before I sleep.

Liz is the ocean
Max is the tide
Liz is the only one
Max can see as his bride.

Together, unite
One in the same
By eachother's side
They put other's to shame

Twin souls they are
Bring them closer together
Their love, like a tether
This reality isn't far

Let's go, you can do it
It really isn't hard
The people that control it
Aren't really up to par

Let Max discover the truth
In one vision or in two
We're dying, we're eager
There's nothing left to do! BUTÖ

Dream, Dream
It's all we do it seems
Keep hope alive
Max & Liz will never die!

By Alexis

Northern Lights

Northern Lights
What you mean to me
Is more than just a sight
But whatís my destiny?

Your birdlike shape inspires me to fly
Calls to my soul to discover the earth
But before I lift off I turn and see
What I would be leaving, my universe

Why canít you come with me?
Do we always have to be cheated?
We belong together, but
Our desires should not be depleted

Northern Lights
Your aura calls out to me
My spirit asks the question
Whatís in store for me?

Why should we wait Ďtil things calm down
To see the world around
We should run, run far away
To live all our dreams, not just one

My need to grow is in the forefront
I am holding back itís start
Growing is not what scares me
Itís us growing apart.

I see you wonít hold me back
Your love for me is too strong
But what if I leave, and we lose track
Of the love thatís been there so long

I am so unsure of our future
Will we be together or not
Do I take a chance
Feeling our love will still stay strong?

It is okay to see the world
And to live out all our dreams
My problem here is simple
Our love ripped at the seams

Northern Lights
Youíll have to wait some other time
I want to have adventures
But with him holding me tight


"A Walk in Your Shoes"

from Liz's POV

The first time I saw myself
through your eyes
I realized the love for me
that you kept deep inside

Now that I've hurt you
I just don't know
Do you look at me in the same way
as you did not so long ago?

So as I lay here now
about to sleep
I say to myself, what would I feel
if I put your shoes on my feet?

*drifts to sleep*

Now I feel suffering and hurt,
anguish and pain
Feeling these feelings
I have nothing to gain

I wonder how on earth
I managed to say to you
the words that are now forever
burned in your heart
"Liz I believe in you!"

*wakes up*

Now that I have felt your feelings
I must return your shoes
Even though I wanted to know how you felt
I hated seeing your heart so bruised

My heart is torn in two
Tell you the truth
or keep you in the blue?

So until the day I decide what to do
Just know this Max,
I believe in you too!

By blinkchick1-8-2


Secrets are the barrier
Between trust and love
To love you have to trust
But to trust you don't have to love

The day the angel of darkness
Swooped down upon our Liz
She was given a choice to make
Despite the love she held within

The secret that she holds now
Has torn our Max in two
He trusts his Lady Liz
but does he still love her too?

She trusts Max with all her heart
and loves him with all of it too
But one day will she be able to tell him
What she had to do?

Secrets can be good
or secrets can be bad
They can build relationships
Or shatter the ones you had

While this secret should be good
Ultimately its just sad
Why can't she tell him
The feelings that she has?

Even though he has his doubts
his love is pure an true
For he meant it when he said those words
"I believe in you"

The barrier is still built
and it will be for a time to come
But that is the decision she made
When she tried to make him fall out of love

So when asked to keep a secret
Please consider these fine words once said:
"Friends make secrets,
but secrets don't make friends"


Max POV:
I watch the days pass by
The lies have since faded
That is where I am
I may never truly understand
But I believe in you
And I know you will do the right thing

Liz POV:
I watch you
I see the hurt and pain
And I feel it too
All the way to my soul
The truth
What I wish to tell you
But I can't
And so I watch
And see the hurt and pain
And feel it with you

By dreamin_away

Why I fell in love with Max and Liz:

When Max and Liz are together, I believe in love. Their passion and utter love blows me away. They can look at each other and see nothing else. The entire world seems to disappear with one look, one touch. (or maybe that's just me, and all of you Dreamers!) When I see them together, I see something so simple, so pure. Their souls seem to mix together like nothing I have seen. There have been some incredible love stories in movies about people that are so crazy in love that they just can't seem to get enough. Those movies end. Some I forget, some I remember, but Max and Liz is ongoing. Roswell ending is unimaginable to me.... I love that we can see Max and Liz together almost every week, but I can tell you honestly with all my heart, that if Roswell ended tomorrow, Max and Liz would live on....inside of me. It doesn't end. It can't end. I've gone to far. Roswell has done something to me. It has created two characters that love each other to no end and I have fallen with them. I think all of the Dreamers can relate. Some people do not understand us but I don't care because I have all of you. Sometimes I imagine Max and Liz in the future. I don't know what will happen. I can only imagine and I imagine pure, utter, true and beautiful bliss, Max and Liz together. That is what love is. Love is Max knowing that something was wrong with what he saw that night, that Liz didn't sleep with Kyle. Love is Liz sacrificing her true love for life...for the life of others so that they might go on. Love is Max being still completely in love with Liz, even after seeing what he saw. Love is Max and Liz believing, in their love....in each other.


The sun's warm rays
lovingly stroke
my pillows
gentle caress

you with your eyes
slowly awaken
me from my morning's rest

lazy arms strewn across
wrinkled sheet
and cover let

warmth fill me
with the light weight of a
sleeping babe upon my breast
so perfectly
love surrounds our humble nest

gentle fingers rest across brow
and through ring let

your voice
soft, sweet and timeless

peace floats stealthily
intertwining with my
hopes, dreams and
night dress.

By MountainGirl


The first time I looked into your eyes,
The first time I saw you smile,
The first time I felt your touch,
I knew then your the one my soul yearns for..

The first time we kissed,
The kiss my heart longs for,
The kiss I hold so dear,
The kiss that made me yours until the end of time.

The first embrace we shared,
Your arms wrapped around me,you
cradled my soul,
You took me to a place so beautiful.

The place where we shared our first kiss, and it just breaks my heart
that it witnessed,
The first time I broke your heart.

Your the air that I breath,
Your my soul,
Your my home.
Your my life but most of all...
Your my destiny.



You made me feel special,
with your loving eyes
looking into mine.

You made me feel beautiful,
just by that one word
that magical word your my dreamgirl.

You made me feel invincible,
just by trusting and believing in me
without doubts or hesitations.

You touched the very depths of me,
even when I felt I was all alone,
You were with me.

Now, as we share this life,
I give myself to you, my whole life
to share our dreams together
in every step of the way.

With you my soul finds peace,
I'm giving you this vow to keep
I belong to you and you belong to me.

With all my heart and with all my soul
I'll be yours and you'll be mine.


Day and Night

Breeze of night air cling to me,
like the whispers you gave to me,
your voice I hear serenades me,
leaves me with nothing but endless dreams.

You came to me in the middle of the night,
Stole my heart from one sight,
I woke up in the morning light.

Seeing my love on dawns' first light,
wrapped in your arms through the night

As we brave the days fight,
Holding on each other tight,
We journeyed into the bliss of this
so called...Life.

You Belong to Me

See the pyramids along the Nile
Watch the sun rise from the tropic isle
Just remember darling all the while
You belong to me

See the market place in old Algiers
Send me photographs and souvenirs
Just remember when a dream appears
You belong to me

And I'll be so alone without you
Maybe you'll be lonesome too

Fly the ocean in a silver plane
See the jungle when it's wet with rain
Just remember till you're home again
You belong to me

Oh I'll be so alone without you
Maybe you'll be lonesome too

Fly the ocean n a silver plane
See the jungle when it's wet with rain
Just remember till you're home again
You belong to me.


Below from MysticalFaerie

Liz to Max

As the burnt wick's smoke curls around my room
My weary head aches for rest.
I lie down and wait for it

The closeness that makes up your touch
Your hand would curl under my breast
and your lips would kiss my hair.
The notions I have in this darkness
make me yearn that you were here.

All my life I've waited for fire such as this.
With every tingle through my back
with every spice in every kiss

As this sensuous moment ignites
All things in the four corners of my heart
I feel Alive for just one night
That my fantasies are real.

If only you could hear me
if only you could see
Tonight I need you here
to tell me you love me.
Bye Mystical Faerie

I FallÖ

I fall into your eyes
every time you look at me
Now I truly see
that we were meant to be.

My Zion is your arms
No darkness reaches there
You keep me safe from harm

And now I'm standing here

Watching you, smiling at me

Never before had I been in love
Never before had I been complete
But I somehow knew inside my soul that
that would change when we met.

Mystical Faerie
The corner of my eye,
spies you as your walking by.

I wonder why you
can't just see my interest,
it pounds in my breast.

Like a tiger out for conquest.
Your what a girl wants.
Your what this chick hunts.

My body aches for your fingers
on my skin,
My lips will let you in.

I won't let you get away,
All I ask is that you stay,
and listen to my proposition.

I know I'm not in the position
to make demands,
but as Ricky says,
She bangs,
I bang,
and this is my plan,
to make you my man.

I hope you can understand.

I love you more than
you'll ever imagine
I can.

Mystical Faerie
Though I treat you bad and push you away from me.
You always return to me.
I know I hurt you and no longer let you in to see.
But You always return to me.
Life is hard on this coarse path that is our love.
I don't know how to help you find
what has been lost and stolen from your fragile, broken mind.
But I will not let you fall away and crumble into the sea.
I will not let you forget about me.
I will save you the best I know how.
I will not fall far from thee.
Because, my love, you always return to me.

What pure emotions
flow out of these eyes
such sweet torment to his lover's mind.
Truth and virtue is he.
A leader soon shall he be.
Confusion and despair wrack her
thoughts as he posesses her soul.
Betrayal and twisting saddness on every word
she longs to speak to him,
but is denied for the sake of man kind.
His hurt is hers for she bears the blame.
But does the consequence really lie on her?
Or on his destiny that permeates every room,
every thought, every motion of the two
with her vile looks and suspicious air?
She has brought misfortune disguised as a
mournful croon.
"Where is the love I lost long ago?"
But he is not hers and never shall be.
There is a girl purer than she.
She will take him and rest his head
When the pain of war rips him through.
Their love is forever and never will end
strong and raw and ever true.

By MysticalFaerie