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Dreamer's Journal

a collection of poems and prose ...

4th includes entries from aldebaran, Parker285, 6throck, audrey11, TheBehroness d'Roswell, gij, cosmicdream, TrUeLoVeDrEaMeR, angelxander, linagnel85, earthangel, BabieRachie, Burgundy, Roswella, and Lillia

I am perfectly fine with the fact that you are gone,
that you have moved on.

I didn't need the heart that spoke your name with every beat,
that caught in my throat at the very sight of you.

I didn't need the eyes that saw only beauty when with you,
that cried uncountable tears when you left.

I didn't need the arms that longed to embrace you when you weren't near,
that never wanted to let go when they surrounded you.

I didn't need the hands that wanted always to touch you,
that fit so well within yours.

I didn't need the ears that heard only your voice no matter how far away,
that longed to hear you speak my name.

I didn't need the mouth that was made only to kiss you,
only to whisper your name in the night.

Without you, I am only a shell,
So much less than what I was with you.

You see, when you left, you took the most important parts of me.
When you walked away, you left me wtih
A heart incapable of loving anyone but you
Eyes that search every crowd for a glimpse of your face
Arms that ache from being empty for as long as you are gone
Hands that reach out to no one in the night
Ears that crave only to hear your voice once more
And a mouth that can only ask, "why?"

I barely recognize the pieces of me that are left behind.
So I shall wait, perfectly fine living as this shell.
I will wait until you return them to me
Because only you can make me whole again.

By [b]alldebaran[/b]
if she falls, he will catch her, he'll be waiting....time after time

Max loves Liz because
she was his strength when he was weak
she was his voice when he couldn't speak
she was his eyes when he couldn't see
she saw the best there was in him
Lifted him up when he couldn't reach
she gave him faith 'cause she believed
he's everything he is
Because she loved him

------------------ "Talking about love is like dancing about architecture"

Fate and Destiny

There once were two friends
named Fate and Destiny
"Friends beyond the world's end!"
They had once decreed

But late one night
when the lights were dim
a cute boy walked by
and both fell for him

They competed fiercely
for the boy's affection
No means of scoring him
went under objection

Slowly but surely
their friendship deterioated
They became not friends
but enemies hated

More and more heated
became the competetion
It became a small war
when allied help was petetioned

Fate chose a perfect love,
passionate and true
Nothing could defeat it,
from Fate's point of view

Destiny chose past love,
duty and predestination
What Destiny believed
was a potent combination

Many grains of sand
in Time's hourglass fell
It seemed Fate would be victor
as far as anyone could tell

But Destiny put up
a terribly good fight
At one point the boy
even succumbed to her might

It seemed all was over
until Fate discovered
Destiny's true plan wasn't
just to be the boy's lover

When the betrayal was revealed
to the boy and his clan
the general feeling was
"Destiny be damned!"

Destiny and all thoughts of her
were pushed far, far away
Fate and Love saved the boy
from execution that day

But this isn't the finish,
No, this isn't the end
Your Destiny is waiting, boy...
But until then-



you are hiding
something from me
i cannot figure out
what it can be
i can see
the pain in your eyes
when you tell me
what we both know are lies
your friend told me have faith
she said you'll work it out
but it'd been so long
i'd been starting to doubt
yet tonight
yet tonight gave me hope
that maybe someday
this would all seem a joke
you held my hand
and i felt your love
i could feel your warmth
right through your glove
and then all around us
the wind and snow blew
there was nothing to say but
"I believe in you."

By Parker285

inspired by Max and Liz.....

I've been inspired to search out this site, I've gained the courage to come into a posting board page, I finally got past my fear of posting with people I've never met before, I've been lured into learning how to post pics, make animations, and manip pics, I've stretched my crazy impulses to include traveling to places I've never been to meet people I've never seen, I've read wonderful stories written about our beloved couple and the all the wonderful aspects of their relationship, I've laughed and cried and dreamed and hoped and all because of the wonderful show called Roswell, and the amazing love between Max and Liz and how that makes me feel to see their story unfold on the screen and how I hope to one day find someone who makes me feel that same way.

by 6throck

If I have stopped looking at you
it is not because I have stopped thinking of you

If I leave the room when you walk in
it is not because I have stopped loving you

please understand
I have made a promise
and I can't go back

Yet it is all about you
thinking, loving, breathing
if only

If only I could touch you
and let you see how much I still love you
how you will always be the only one for me

By audrey11
This is when I fell in love with Max and Liz!
I had no idea what was happening, and what some of the references were about, but I still knew that this was BIG. I cried for hours that night. I know all about the history of Max and Liz now, but I'll never forget how they made me feel when I knew nothing at all.

To my Dreamer friends
who are like me:
We thought we found the one
with whom we were meant to be

the world became centered
around this love
every sacrifice was worth the pain
and then we found it was all in vain

the world was shattered
our hearts were a mess
and we began to believe
that love didn't exist

and then a beautiful thing happened
one night on t.v.
just one girl and one boy
with love that all could see

the world was changed
because a boy loved a girl
a love so special, so precious, so true
the world fell in love with these two

as their love grows and strengthens
so do our hearts
and so Max and Liz
thank you, your love has healed me
and I believe in you

by audrey11

Each Day

Each day I come to this,
my favorite place
where love prevails

Cherish is what we do
It is our hope
that one day soon
our lovers will cement and say "I do"

Max Evans and Liz Parker
Their love we celebrate
In truth, we hope that
A love like theirs will be our fate

To all my Dreamer friends
Who I love more every day
Isn't it amazing what love can do
Bringing all of us together
to cherish these two.


Once and For All

We aren’t the biggest
Our sweet Liz is quite small
But we don’t mind, not a bit
We’re dreamers, one and all

So Liz is sweet, smart too
She’s really not very tall
We love her smile, those dark eyes
We’re dreamers, one and all

Liz has this long dark hair
Her heart’s big as a hall
She occasionally trips though windows
But we’re dreamers, one and all

Now Max, to the other
Is one to catch that fall
All to increase our aww-ing smiles
Cos’ we’re dreamers, one and all

Max is really big and strong
Though he’s never start a brawl
He has these really yummy muscles
So we’re dreamers one and all

And Max has this gentle heart
Nobler even than Saul
He’ll protect Liz before all else
Why we’re dreamers, one and all

So Max and Liz together
We’ll sit with hearts on the floor
Knock us with a sledge, who cares?
We are dreamers, one and all

Our two have a love so deep
For each other, they’d crawl
We’ll all be there, tears in eyes
We’re the dreamers, one and all

So now you know the answer
We’re all so proud and tall
We’re the originals, the number ones
The Dreamers, once and for all!

By -gij

How I've loved you all the time

love the way I love you
Your sweetness, your smile
How you speak, how you move
How your eyes look into mine

I love the way I see you
Your so soft hair, your eyes
How you listen, how you learn
How you always ask me why

I love the way I love you
Your sweet kisses, your mind
How you feel, how you know
How I've loved you all of time


Doubt sees the obstacles
faith sees the way.
Doubt sees the darkest night
Faith sees the day.
Doubt dreads to take a step
Faith soars on high.
Doubt questions 'who believes?'
Faith answers, 'I.'

'I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that Liz and Max will be together.. I shall believe.' By Behroness d'Roswell

The Weight of the World

I walked into a war fought over again.
And mourn what was lost and dread the unexplained.
For my compassion I pay a heavy toll.
Endless sorrows weigh on my soul.
Mine is the weight of every wrong.
I just want my life back. I want to belong.

All the while for every grief;
I feel each suffering. Where can I find relief?
A man died in Roswell on Christmas Day.
He moved his eyes. He looked my way.
I felt his anger. I heard his plea.
I said, "Why could it not be me?"

Such a heavy weight is mine. This guilt is pressing down on me.
When I looked beyond myself, my fearful soul was set free.
I used my gift to save a dying child.
But I could not stop. My compassion went wild.
I was attracted to save the other children like a rod.
My gift? Does that make me God?
Drained of my powers; the weight crushing my chest.
When I saw the child I saved, my tortured soul could finally rest
As I gazed upward at the heavenly sky.
I have so many questions. Why?
Until these questions can be defined.
An explanation comes to my mind.
My miracle was staring me in the face
. My beloved beauty. She's my hope. My love. My grace.

The Behroness d'Roswell Barbara

Ode to Roswell 2K1: Faith, Hope and Love

Not very long ago I entered a mystical land,
Roswell The Series took me by the hand.
When I watch Roswell, magic's in the air.
Max and Liz, true lovers, few can compare.

How they gaze entranced upon each other's face.
My Dreamer's heart could only embrace.
When I watch Roswell, love's magnetic pull.
The love between Max and Liz, my heart is always full.

It's the magical hour Roswell's on today.
But fading dreams of lovers, has stolen my heart away.
I heard the master's voice, it's Katims' grand plan.
So with much faith, I shall believe in this man.

It's a new millennium 2001,
Max and Liz will be back together, inseparably as one.
Because without Roswell's heart; love's sweet diction,
All that's left is science fiction.

As I walk through this mystical land,
I'm reminded first hand.
That love sets our souls free,
And The Beatles' song says it best, "Let It Be."

Barbara - The Behroness d'Roswell

" Have these really soulful eyes"

' Your eyes are like a rainstorm and the calm afterwards
Deep like an ocean
A pool of water reflecting light
Like seeing into your soul
A thousand words said without a sound
Like shadows in the night
A scream trying to escape
Like a million stars on a cold winters night

A breath of fresh air after almost drowning
Like the universe staring back at me
An intense feeling of hope

Like the reason for my very existence
A secret you cant keep
Like looking into heaven before my time

by earthangel72
The first time i saw you i thought you were an angel.
Your eyes ,they saw right through me
and the sound of your voice made me weak.
I hate that i cant hear you breathe
touch your skin
and taste your kiss

the very thought of you gives me hope but right now i feel like a part of me is gone and that i'll never be
whole again
i sit hear drowning in emptiness, blindly reaching for your hand to
pull me free
i wish i could say this heartache has made me numb so i wouldn't
have to feel this pain
In my heart i know this will get better
we will get through this, and i hope that someday, i will be back in
your arms
hearing you breathe
touching your skin
and tasting your kiss

"I havent been this scared in a long time

And im so unprepared,so heres your valentine

Bouquet of clumsy words

A simple melody

This world's an ugly place

But your so Beautiful to me"


You were by my side when I was born
You were in my dreams before I was awakened
You were the twilight in the desert on a winter night
And the warm sun on my weary face
You were the shadow of my grief
And the gentle wind caressing my cheek
You were the joy I never knew existed
The completeness of my soul
And the yearning of my heart

You were the one sent for me
The faint whisper at my ear
The light in my being
The rapture of my life song

There will never be another you
~Another us

Our love is eternal
We will always be near each other
~Soulmates forever

by cosmicdream**

"Whenever I"

Whenever i hear a beautiful sound
It's your voice that I hear.
Whenenever i smell a beautiful scent
I know that you are near.
Whenever i see a beautiful sight
I look to find you there.
Whenever i have a beautiful dream
My night was shared with you.
Whenever i think a beautiful thought
My memories are of you.



(seem from Max's point of view)

Like a whisper
you flow in and out
of understanding.
sweeping through
any bliss I
have tried to obtain.
You believe
my destiny is sealed
and nothing can save
me from fate's bitter claws.
Except you.
Yet maybe you
are my destiny.
(and Liz is!)

I am Ready

(A cementing poem!! from Liz's POV)

Becoming distant.
Fingers pound
Make me music to live by.
I want you.
I want to lay here
with you.
To become you.
I want your scarred skin
to envelop me.
And your watery eyes
to look deep unto mine.
To finally kiss you
and know you.
To see you
and understand what I am
looking at.
To breathe you in
Your silvery scent
surrounding me
Making me
With lust.
Your hands feeling
Connecting together
You and I.
I am ready.
I am waiting.
I am...
Take me away.


Twas the Night OF ARCC

Twas the night of ARCC
and all through the land

Not a dreamer could forget
That Max and Liz did hold hands

"I believe in you"
Max saying with love

Was enough to send a dreamer's heart
soaring up above

Into the clouds
High into the heavens

Because of the love
that was shown by Max Evans

"When will they cement?"
Dreamers ask with a frown

But watching ARCC,
who's spirits could be down?

Now they may not be together
but no doubt they are in love

Max and Liz are a blessing
Sent to dreamers from God above

By linangel85

Think Liz writing this to Max:

The Way Things Were

I saw you kiss her
With lips that once were mine.
I saw you hold her
With arms that held me at one time.
And I wished that things,
Were the way they used to be.

But the way you looked at her
Made me think and wonder.
Do you still love me?
Do you still dream,
Of the way things used to be?

Could you still love me?
Would you still love me?
Do you still love me?

If yes is you answer to me,
Then tell me the truth - for it will set you free,
Back to the way things used to be.

Cause I still love you,
I will always love you.
And I shall believe,
that someday the world will again be,
The way it's supposed to be.

Babie Rachie


Things are getting better
so I tell myself

Your secrets
unfolding in my hands
like so many spring-scented blooms

Your friendship and mine
But I still hurt
I still feel
that this isn’t right
Do you?

Feelings are rushing at me
tidal waves of feelings
that disagree with my thoughts

I only want to be brave
But I only want to be near you
Can’t I be both?

By Burgundy

I know you

(Max to Liz)

I know you
I want to trust you
I always have and
I want to trust you

but it's so hard

what my heart is telling me
is entirely different
from what my head is telling me
don't you see
the pain in my eyes?

I see into your eyes
your emotions
your feelings
your words do not represent
what I see
I know you

I want to trust you
but I don't want to trust your words
I know you

You have been a part of my soul
Since before I met you
You filled the space
that ached for you
How can you be gone?

Something just isn't right
Because I know you

Was I that wrong?
A year of your smiles
and your faith
your love...

I know you
There must be an explanation
I believe in you



Alone, scared.
Thousands of emotions running through me.
Out of breath.
Running, but from what?
Can't get away. It's inescapable.
The depression finds me.
It grabs me by the throat and chokes me
Until I can't breathe.
Darkness. Quick flashes of light.
Then images. Lost memories.
Times when all was right in the world.
More flashes, then nothing.
This is my life.
Emptiness with brief moments of peace.
One more flash. Your eyes. Sparkling.
Conveying thoughts to me that words
Could never express.
Another flash. Your smile. Giving me
Comfort, understanding, and joy all at once.
Yet another flash. Your embrace. Feeling
Like nothing an hurt me in you gentle arms.
The last flash. You. Standing beside me.
Why didn't I see it before?
You were always there. The whole time.
Holding my hand, guiding me.
You are the happiness in my depression.
The light in my darkness.
The hero against all my deepest, darkest enemies.
It was you who brought me back.
You who made me feel.
You who made me love.
You who made me live.
You who made me human.
You who made me.........me.

Why I Am A Dreamgirl

Wondering if the person you love could ever love you, knowing who you really are.
Hoping that someday, somehow you will find a way to be together.
Yearning for acceptance and love,

In a world full of risks and fears.

Answers aren't always easy to find and skeptics lurk
Mere moments behind, but one thing is always constant.

All you really need is right there waiting for you in the eyes of the one you love.

Dreams of a hopeless
Romantic, who's wishing for all the best.
Even through our darkest hours,
At the end of the day
May we all find ourselves wrapped in the embrace of the one we love most
Gratefully reminiscing about the good times we've shared and the
Innocence of true love, and
Reveling in the pleasure of a finding a kindred spirit. May we all have the joy of
Looking into someone's eyes and finding our soulmate.

By Lillia