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Dreamer's Journal

Just so I've written somthing how about this.. A poem stolen from
Max's notebook before he was with Liz

There is a secret within my heart.
Your the one I want to tell.

My life, it has a a secret part.
and Your the one I want to tell.

I've pictured it a thousand times
and many times, you've run away.
I've pictured it a thousand times
and many times, in my arms you stay.

sometimes I picture a kiss upon your lips.
I hear your name sing within my heart.
sometimes I picture from me,you try to run.
and thats the saddest part.

But my secret is more than me
it is more than what I am.
My secret is I love you
and that makes me who I am.

By Max Evans.

By MichaelsAngel

End Of Entry

They didn't know

By Max Evans

They didn't know
of my love for you
They didn't know
about love so true

They didn't know
how my heart feels
They didn't know
about how you were healed.

They didn't know
about our souls
They didn't know
the two make a whole

They didn't know
anything about my new life
So how can they say
who should be my wife

Don't listen to them Liz,
just because they have a plan
Don't listen to them Liz
I am YOUR man.


Far From Over

by Max Evans

Its far from over
can't you see
I don't believe
what you've shown to me.

Its far from over
over,it will never be.
because our love was made
for all eternity.

I feel this pain
of being apart
please let it end
you own my heart

what ever the reason
you think we don't belong
what ever the reason
its just wrong

So come back to my arms
return my kiss
Love is far from over
I promise you this

by MichaelsAngel

For more of MichaelsAngels poems and wonderful fiction -- Click Here!
Dedicated to Max & Liz: In the old book, that is my memory, on the first page, of the first chapter of when I first met you, it reads: "When I first met you. That's when my life begins."


End Of Entry

Just a short exerpt from my journal
that I wanted to share with you....

It was breathtaking here tonight....Looking up from the middle of the field, I could see the vast expanse of the stars in the heavens above.......As I lay back, on the already dew laden grass, I listened to the rythm of the sounds, as they lulled me into a transe-like state. Although I am far removed from the chaos of the real world, things invade my thoughts.....I know it is but a mirage, a mere picture painted by my heart, but I let HIM in.....His piercing eyes invade my soul...It is as if he is the clearing, the opening to Eden... How can a stranger take hold on you, on your thoughts, and your desires....How can being so far removed from what your life actually is, constantly cause you to loose the battle with reality.....Never have I succumbed to thoughts of the intangible....

But then again, never has my soul been touched by the likes of an angel like him.....Thank you Jason, for all the sweetest of dreams...........

Later, Blueyes

P.S. I just wanted to share this with the dreamers ...I knew you would understand...If I can't get through to the boards again today, have a great weekend, and I'll miss you guys.......

End Of Entry

The Connection:

You came to me in a dream last night...
I feel you here but I can't see you...
I turn to look but I can only feel you...
I know you're near
I felt your hair brush across my chest...
Afraid to move for it may take me from this place.
I held my breath and opened my eyes
as I watched your hair fall all around your face and I could feel your breath
as you began to kiss my face.
Afraid to breathe for it may wake me from this place.
Oh you came to me in a dream last night...
I feel you here but I can't see you...
I turn to look but I can only feel you...
I know you're near
I felt your lips kiss my knee and then my thigh afraid to move for it may
take me from this place.
I tighten my stomach as your chin brushes by...
I smell you now and I open my eyes
as I watch what you do and the look upon your face...
You reach for my hand such a gentle embrace and kiss my fingers one
by one...

Oh don't let this end!
I never want to leave this place!

The way you look at me...
with your hair fallen all around your face.
Afraid to move or breath for it may wake me
from this place.


End of Entry


by Tequila
(an adaptation of Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll)

Twas fed up with the slimy ho,
Did ire and put us in a rage
All flimsy were her skanky cloths
To the Dreamer's great outrage

"Beware the Tesserwock, Dreamers
Her dress so tight, her claws that tear.
Beware her whiny, nasal voice
Which can curl all our hair.

We took our Max/Liz pics in hand
Long time the skanksome h* we sought
So rested we behind the tree
And stood awhile in thought

And, as in sluttish thought she stood
The Tesserwock, with eyes of wax
Came sniffling through the Roswell Wood
And calling out for Max.

One, two! One, two! And through and through Dreamers
b*tch-slapped a great attack
But then it fled with a shorn head
And never came it back.

And has thou shorn the Tesserwock?
Post the PICS, so all enjoy
O Dreamers Day! We scared her away!
And posted in their joy.

Dana (Tequila)

A new Poem!

What Dreams Are Made Of

He healed my body, but touched my soul,
And revealed himself to me.
I caught a glimpse of unknown worlds
A brand new destiny.

The human veil in which I lived
Slipped silently away,
Revealing truths, unspoken love,
Such loneliness and pain.

Through soulful eyes of untold depths
To which I had been blind,
I fell into a warmth so rare,
The love I'd hoped to find.

I bless the stars that brought him here
And showed me he was mine.
His longing kiss and piercing gaze
Are passion redefined.

That quiet strength, that tender touch,
His vulnerability
Belie the danger of his world,
A lonely mystery.

His reaching out was not in vain.
It forged a mighty bond.
Though others' ignorance breeds fear,
I know that they are wrong.

For the future that we see as ours,
For the perfect love we share,
We'll hold on to each other's hearts
And accept fate's cosmic dare.

Hand in hand, where two worlds merge,
We'll stride toward the unknown
With trust in truth and faith in love,
We'll make this world our own.

Roswell Magic

Listen, my children, and you will hear
a tale of hope and love and fear,
as beings from the distant stars
fled their world and came to ours.

A deadly conflict gripped their land
And desperation forced their hand.
Their earthly shells, part them, part us,
were cloned from clans illustrious.

The Royal Four, the people's hope,
were sent to Earth, where here they'd cope
with secrets deep and foes unknown.
They had to face this world alone.

The desert floor, a blinding flash,
gave rise to rumors of a crash.
Survivors quickly hid the pods
in hopes of salvaging their cause.

Their guardians and history
were all destroyed. Dark mystery
was all they knew of lives before.
They could not know what lay in store.

Michael, Isabel, and Max
had only instincts, never facts,
to help unlock their secret lives
buried deep in doubt and lies.

The loneliness in Max's heart
ached for Liz, but from the start
he feared his unknown destiny
meant that they weren't meant to be.

Resigned to keeping love at bay,
Max loved in vain until that day--
a loaded gun, a careless shove
endangered one he'd dared to love.

He healed her wound; he saw her soul.
She shared herself and made him whole.
Lives changed. Love grew. They'd found the key--
a human link to destiny.

Michael, Maria, Max and Liz,
Kyle and Tess, Alex and Iz--
Their search for answers; their noble quest
puts trust and faith and love to test.

Listen, my children, and you will hear
of pride and courage, passion, tears.
Of heart and soul these tales do tell.
Come with us to our ROSWELL.

by space mom
Well, I can't stop dreaming of what's coming for our lovely leads, so I've written this poem. We're told Liz spent the summer in Florida, so this is what I imagine she felt
while sitting on the beach:

A Midsummer Night's Dream

I saw his pain, so like my own,
Etch lines across his face.
I don't know how I found the strength
To leave him in that place.

It semms the miles between us now
Are inches in my mind.
I feel him, smell him, see his eyes
Locked searchingly with mine.

Gazing at the stars, I know
Our life apart must start,
But how can I begin anew
When he still haunts my heart?

The endless beach, the sea of stars
Keep bringing home to me
That we're just players on this stage,
The pawns of Destiny.

We thought that once we said the words,
Declared the love we feel,
Then we could stand against the storm
As strong and bold as steel.

How short a time we revelled in
That confidence in "us."
It only took a moment's glow
For love's hope to be crushed.

We've come so far to stop so soon,
Our dream of love denied.
I take no comfort in the words,
"At least we know we tried."

I can't accept this so-called fate.
I see it in his eyes
That we will find our own true path
And thus defy the skies.

Despite the signs, the hollow words,
The stark reality--
We'll search our hearts and find the truth:
There's hope for Max and me.

space mom
End of Entry
CRAZY prompted me to write this journal entry:

April 12, 2000

My name is space mom , and 7 months ago I found the
perfect guy. Once a week, we make this connection and I
get flashes. And the thing is, I don't just see what Liz sees,
I feel what she feels when she looks at him. And I never
thought anyone could ever really feel that way about a
fictional character. The only reason?: Because it's him.

How is it possible that I could be the happiest I've ever
been in my entire life, and the saddest, all at the same
time? I guess that's what being in love from half a
continent away is.

I know I should take a step back--regain my balance, but
it's too hard. I just don't know where my destiny lies.

There are only certain people in the world who I trust, and
they are all on this board. So I'll share my secret: I want to be Liz.


A Brief History of the Concept of "Soul Mates"

by tepp

I thought some of you might enjoy this. Some will recognize part
or all of it, and I hope no one thinks it's too pedantic.

As you may know, the concept of romantic love, and particularly its relationship to marriage, has changed quite a bit over the last three thousand years. The way most of us think of love now is greatly influenced by ideas that developed during the Italian Renaissance in the 14th and 15th Centuries.

Renaissance philosophers and artists weren't only interested in metaphysics, ethics, and science. They were fascinated with love. In Plato's work, they uncovered an obscure text that helped reshape their basic assumptions about love and that continues to shape the way we think of love today. In the dialogue called "The Symposium," the discussion is about love. In the midst of a very high-minded argument about what the highest form of love is, one of the secondary characters tells the others a silly little myth. It goes something like this:

----------------- Long, long ago, people were not the way we are now. Their bodies were round, and they each had four arms and four legs, four eyes, two noses and two mouths. They could walk on their four legs or they could actually roll if they wanted to. They were also much stronger and even more intelligent than we are today. They were so powerful that they became proud and overconfident, and they began to challenge and disrupt the gods. Zeus, growing tired of their constant insolence, decided to punish them. So he used his thunderbolts to split all the round people in half, leaving Apollo to sew up their wounds and rearrange their parts so the people could manage with their new, partial forms. But there was a terrible consequence of Zeus' punishment that Apollo could not heal. When Zeus split the bodies of the round people in half, he also divided their souls. Consequently, all the people now had only half a soul, and they spent the rest of their lives looking for the other half. Very few were fortunate enough to find it. And as the years passed and people forgot about their original form, they also forgot that they needed the other half of their soul to be complete again. Still, they never stopped looking even though they didn't really know what they were looking for.

------------------- Now for some reason, this little story really struck a chord with Renaissance artists, particularly poets who were hard at work developing a new kind of love poem called the sonnet. They combined the idea of the divided soul with a little bit of Renaissance medical theory. At the time, it was believed that vision was the result of an active process. Today we know that the images we see result from light striking our eyes. Back then they thought just the opposite happened. They believed that a kind of ray emanated from the eyes and that we saw the objects struck by this ray. More importantly, the origin of this ray was considered to be the soul; from this idea we get the phrase "the eyes are the windows to the soul." It took only a little more imagination to divine what might happen if two people who each posessed a divided half of the same soul were to look at one another. The rays would meet and actually rejoin the two halves of the common soul. The two would recognize each other as "soul mates," and would instantly form a deeply spiritual and unbreakable connection. It was truly "love at first sight."

Perhaps the most important legacy of this concept of love is its union of the erotic with the spiritual. It would be centuries before people came to believe that they had the right to marry and spend their lives with their soul mates, but the path was set. This is the dilemma you see in "Shakespeare in Love." Will and Violet recognize each other as soul mates, but they do not have the right to legally consummate their union. Their marriages must conform to their stations in life and fulfill their responsibilities to their families. It's not really until the 20th Century that people began to believe that they could have their cake and eat it too. For much of the past century, the ideal was for a person to find the one perfect mate so that together they could fulfill each other's lives. Perhaps sadly, that ideal is now fading. People today have come to focus so much on their own right to happiness that they no longer believe that any one person can satisfy them forever. They find someone suitable and stay with them only so long as they as it is convenient, but if things get unpleasant, they see no need to stick around when they might be able to find happiness with someone else.

Before Max Evans can heal Liz Parker, she must look at him, look into his eyes. This allows him to see into her soul. The next day, Max returns the favor. He lets her look into his soul, and the match is made. The language of this Reniassance concept is repeated throughout the show. The term "soul mate" is used several times by Liz's grandmother in reference to Max (that's certainly who Liz is alluding to in the conversation), and Maria describes the whole process in "Balance" when she says of ML, "you guys have got that whole look into my eyes, soulmate thing." In "The Morning After" Liz describes the "Czechoslovakians" as having "soulful eyes," and Maria recounts Liz's experience with Max: "the guy touched you and you saw into his soul." And in one of the greatest lines of the series to date, a beaming Max responds in "Blind Date" to Kyle's crass question of how "far" Max has gotten with Liz, "we saw into each other's souls." Poor Kyle can only counter with "I got to second base." Finally, we learn in "Tess Lies, and Videotape" (while Isabel is telling a certain pushy blond that she has no chance with Max) that Max himself has independently chosen the work "soulmate" to describe his connection to Liz.

Max and Liz represent this fading ideal, that there is one person for each of us who can fulfill and complete our lives. That's what makes many people love them and a few others hate them as a couple. The idea also offers an alternative to the prospect that Tess is Max's appropriate mate because she was his bride in a former life. It even diminishes the need to have Liz connected to him in the past. Their connection has little to do with any real or imagined past or present. It reflects a wish that our heritage has ingrained in our psyches, the wish that through the love of that one special other we can complete ourselves.


(with tepp's permission his original post has been edited only slightly.)


I just wanted to add my 2 cents: We love you
Jason!!! While we love the bod, eyes, mouth, arms
(sigh..) and all that, what we love most is how you
ARE Max:
~how you can show SO MUCH FEELING with little gestures,
~how you make Max so TOTALLY and obviously and
dreamily in love with Liz, ~how gentle and protective you are with the women
in Max's life (except you-know-who, but she doesn't count!)
~how you makes all us dreamgirls wish we had a Max in our lives too!

JASON: Keep up the great work! We admire your
talent. We also admire that you seem to be such a nice decent guy (kudos to your mother for her part in that!).

Bye from South Africa...


from CosmicGirl

Hey Dreamers!
Thought I would stretch my writing skills and write you guys a few poems as if they were written in letters between Max & Liz...
I hope it's not too corny!

Dear Max,

You touch me and I see the stars.
My soul is yours, All is ours.

Extending through time and space
A love like ours, no one can erase.

I'll always keep my faith in you.
together always tried and true.

Fear nothing cause, I can see our souls.
I see mine with yours, and we are whole.

Love Liz.

Dear Liz,

So long I watched my love from a far.
never daring to dream of, what we now are.

I always thought I must stay away.
Up untill that faithful day.

The day when I touched your skin.
Life restarted, and "WE" begin.

I know that you are part of me.
My sweet Liz "WE" will always be.

Love Max


from provence

One of my favorite daydreams this past week [since Destiny aired] is about the conversation, the emotions, the touching that went on between Max and Liz after they said 'I love you'; after the wonderful kisses we saw and before they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. I know they didn't make love, it wouldn't have really made sense with Max recovering and them running from Pierce. But I keep thinking about how it would feel to be reunited after such an ordeal; what it would feel like to touch each other again and never want to let this person you love so much out of your sight or touch ever again; to cherish each moment in each other's arms even if it is in an old creaky van on an old musty sofa!

End of Entry

Ode to an Orgasmic Odyssey

O is a never-ending circle
An orgasmic odyssey
From bullets fired one fateful day
To stepping from behind his tree.

O is our observant vigil
as they try to find their way
Obstacles and solid walls
Separate them every day.

O is life's obstructions
They must valiantly overcome
To find the peace they long for
Amid the chaos he comes from.

O is the oasis
Their thirsting love provides
Their devotion ever steady
Never ebbing with the tides.

O is their omnipresent need
Flooding them with desire
No matter the danger, the ordeal
He flames her with his fire.

O is the heavenly music
That seems to play at every turn
Orchestrated by invisible hands
And making their passion burn.

O is for their spoken oaths
Overwhelming in their depths
That protects them from the onslaught
Of otherworldly threats.

O is for the yet unended opus
Obstacles not yet met
Their future lies within their grasp
With promises not to forget.

O, their road is very twisted
With things they can't prevent
But Max and Liz and the Dreamers
Are all praying for cement.

Oh an occasion of great excitement
Their situation so regressed
And not since Sexual Healing
Have the dreamers been so obsessed.

Our Ode to this so tremendous
Orgasmic Odyssey
We await with every heartbeat
Their hearts finally to fly free.

Optimistic and faithful Devoted and obsessed
We hold our breath For SH to repeat
Please, please, Max and Liz
Time to Orgasmically complete!

Thank you Maggie for taking my clumsy poem and giving it life! So Dreamers this is a collaboration by Maggie and provence!

from Maggie

I totally agree with your feelings that the WB is shoving aside the very part of Roswell that drew us all to it in the first place. What some feel is boring, others feel is the center of the story. I think they are skipping past Monsters,Leaving Normal and Missing because these episodes established human contact. Maria accepted the aliens in Monsters,Liz gave her trust completely to Max in leaving Normal, and Michael realized the depth of Liz's committment to Max in Missing. All essential to the development of the human/alien story. But, to skip directly to 285South is to 'pass Go' and go directly to the SciFi search for the 'TRUTH' and when the 'TRUTH' is given to us in Destiny, it excludes the human factor which is what drew us to Roswell in the first place. We've come full circle from total M/M/I alienation to total M/M/I alienation [including *T*]. What was this whole first season about if we now have to watch them struggle again? Liz,Maria and Alex deserve better than this,especially Liz. I know we are at the whims of the writers, but they've established such credible relationships from such an incredible story that I am at a loss to even try to comprehend their goal. IT IS THE SIX OF THEM,NOT 3,AND CERTAINLY NOT 7,THAT TELL THIS STORY!