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Top 20 Sweetest/Hottest Max and Liz Moments
in Season 1

  1. Max saving Liz at the Crashdown in the Pilot.
  2. Max: "It was you" (Pilot)
  3. Liz: "I don't care" (Pilot)
  4. Max hugs Liz at the end of Leaving Normal, shhing her with his finger when she cried.
  5. In 285 South when Max closes the jeep "I just wanted to keep you warm."
  6. The eraser room scene in Morning After.
  7. In River Dog, when Max puts the necklace around Liz's neck, and when she falls from the window and he catches her.
  8. Liz: "You know, could I, uh..could I get sick?" Max: "I don't know anything. I don't even know who I am." (Sexual Healing)
  9. Max: "And I have no idea what that is.. and what's right..or wrong."
    Liz: "I know. I mean..you know things..about me that you shouldn't know. And my mother.. my mother, who I love, is just gonna kill me ..if I don't die from this." (Sexual Healing)
  10. Max: "You're right."
    Liz: "I can't stop." (Sexual Healing)
  11. Its the very end, when Liz is on her balcony and Max comes to tell her they have to take a step back and find their balance ....anyway, right when he is about to descend, she quickly grabs him and gives him this deep, passionate, lingering kiss and says "I just wanted to remember....." (Balance)
  12. Liz: "I saw me how he saw me, and in his eyes, I was beautiful." (Pilot)
  13. When Max grabs Liz and kisses her on stage in Blind Date and all their memories of being together come flooding back.
  14. The "I Love You" moment in Destiny.
  15. Their first kiss in Heatwave.
  16. When Max tells Liz she makes him glow on the inside in Sexual Healing
  17. Liz: "So what you're saying is that you saved me from a life of watching Kyle barf" (Sexual Healing)
  18. Liz: "So if you know so much, what is my destinty?"
    Max: "I only know the part I'm hoping for." (Sexual Healing)
  19. When Liz calls in Leaving Normal just because it feels right to call him and he listens.
  20. Max: "The important thing is that I felt what you felt when you saw me and I never thought anyone could ever really feel that way about me." (Sexual Healing)

First List of 50+ Reasons Max and Liz
are Perfect for each other!

from Buffster
  • 1.) They saw into each others souls.
  • from provence
    • 2. They comfort and support each other no matter what…..
  • from unBEHRablycute
    • 3. They just gaze into each other's eyes and complete one another. Their relationship is Heaven.
    • from CourtneyR
      • 4. Why Max and Liz are perfect for each other- They both have the same great sense of style. For example: matching leather jackets to go with the matching sneakers.
    • from Gina
      • 5. I think it's because they love each other completely for who they are, without wanting to change anything about each other. Liz has never recoiled in fear from Max and Max has always loved everything about Liz. That to me is true love.
    • from Maggie
      • 6. They both love astronomy
      • 7. They both love strawbehrries
    • from RBS722
      • 8. When they look into each other's eyes, the whole world stops, they only see each other, and admist the most chaos, or the simplest rain, they know in their hearts that they are infinitely indebted to each other, for the joy they give each other, for the connection they make, and for knowing that they are now complete, that they have found their other half.
      • 9. Max saved Liz's life and risked his own in the process...because it was her.
      • 10. Their hickey's glow! lol. had to put that one.
      • 11. They are the only couple on tv that can actually make me cry. (and i never cry at tv or movies.)
    • from mattia
      • 12. They both have amazing, matching, soulful brown eyes.
    • from provence
      • 13. Their bodies fit perfectly together.
      • 14. and they own matching sneakers!
    • from Jason's Angel -
      • 15. They are willing to do whatever it takes (no matter what the risk) to protect each other. They have unselfish & unconditional LOVE!!!I love the way that they kiss each other!! So meaningful and soulful...so passionate!!!
    • from Amanda -
      • 16. They are both incredible individuals
      • 17. Liz is Max's Dreamgirl
      • 18. They have such firey passion about them.
    • from Dawn
      • 19. They can't behr to hurt each other's feeling and are always tender, gentle and respectful of each others emotions.
    • from Vqueen
      • 20. Liz feels loved and safe with Max
      • 21. Liz and Max love perfect together
      • 22. They both would die for each other
    • from MariaB
      • 23. Both of their names have three letters in it, and the letters L & M are right next to each other in the alphabet. (I read somewhere one time that writers for TV shows often make couples have their names begin with the same letter, so I guess right next to each other alphabetically is the next best thing).
    • fromCourtneyR
      • 24. They don't MANIPULATE each other like someone else we know does *ahem* ATM. Sorry, relationships don't work that way. You'd think someone would tell her that.
    • from pri-fan
      • 25. Max can't keep his hands out of liz' soft hair.
      • 26. They can communicate their emotions just by looking into each other's eyes.
      • 27. When they hold hands, it's magic.
    • from majorRfan
      • 28. Their love is completely unselfish, they would do anything for each other and can't bear to see the other in pain. They trust each other completely and put the other person's needs ahead of their own.
      • 29. When Max sees Liz everything but her melts away and she goes into slow motion.
      • 30. When Liz looks in Max's "incredibly soulful eyes" she can see into his soul and feel his passionate love for her.
      • 31. When they kiss the universe is theirs and they connect so deeply.
    • from unBEHRablycute
      • 32. Okay, as to another reason Max and Liz are perfect together: When they are alone together in the Eraser Room, it seems like a romantic honeymoon in Rio. LOL, I couldn't resist! Seriously though, a touch or a look speaks volumes between them.
    • from Sarah
      • 33. And every pic from a scene they have had together is just another example of why they are perfect together. So the way all you Picture Goddesses find and post pic's, there are about 1000 reasons, at least.
    • from Dagaz
      • 34. Max risked everything to save Liz's life, and he wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
      • 35. Their love is the ideal. Most, if not all, people dream of having something even remotely close to it.
      • 36. Liz would do anything to protect him, and vice versa.
      • 37. He was so gentle when he fixed her "hair thing."
      • 38. Liz had to write down everything about Max saving her so that if someone ever touched her like that, she'd know what it was supposed to feel like.
      • 39. Her grandmother told her to follow her heart, and following her heart leads her to Max.
    • from soulmate
      • 40. -they both risk their lives for each other repeatedly
      • 41 -they have beautiful, dark, silky hair (don't know if that counts!)
      • 42 -they like the same songs (Blood Brother)
      • 43 -the characers on Roswell don't smile often, but when Max & Liz do, it's usually for each other
      • 44 -they are both sensitive
      • 45 -they both like the food at the Crashdown and Senor Chows
      • 46 -they can read each other so well
      • 47 -they both go by the short forms of their names and they both have 3 letters
    • from HappyPlace
      • 48 Max is Liz' "serious, dark-haired mystery man form an exotic place"
      • 49. and Liz makes Max "human"!! (Quotes from Blind Date and Destiny as if you don't know )
    • from Maimie
      • 50 (pic) creditsml That's all I have to say... Oh and MAX AND LIZ ARE SOULMATES!!!
    • from taovande
      • 51. his life began when he risked his life for Liz's
      • 52.Thinking of Liz is what kept him alive in TWR episode.
      • 53. and I quote "the way your eyes look into mine, your smile,the touch of your skin, your lips, knowing you has made me human, whether I die tomorrow or 50 years from now my destiny is the same. It's you. I wanna be with you, Liz, I love you"
    • from Courtney
      • 54. They both have the same great sense of style!
    • from Daisy
      • 55. They just define the word soulmate. Yo can see it in the way they look at each, hold each other!
    • from Jason's Baby
      • 56. The way they kiss each other!
      • 57. The way they are so protective of each other!
    • from JKJBluv
      • 58. They both are gorgeous.
      • 59. Max has always loved her.
      • 60. They slept together in the desert
        and the van without actually sleeping together!
    • from GraceKel
      • 61. They have matching camping jackets too!
    • from Maggie
      • 62. When they kiss time just stops!
      • 63. They make love with their fingertips!
      • 64. They gorgeous coming and going!

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